Contemporary Exterior Design Ideas


Kevindailystory.comContemporary exterior design generally refers to the highly individualized and dynamic appearance, which is developed through the use of modern interior design technologies and interior designing principles. These technologies and principles include such items as asymmetrical, layered, interactive, virtual and three-dimensional shapes. These design elements are applied to a home environment to evoke a unique visual experience. A contemporary exterior home environment may convey a feeling of energy and spontaneity, while creating a very distinctive appearance and individual flare.

Contemporary Design Concept

The concept of contemporary design dates back to the modern era of architecture. The birth of the concept coincides with the inception of the discipline of architecture. With the inception of modern design, architects were able to create a greater degree of artistic freedom and expression through the use of materials and form. In addition, new technological advancements allowed for mass production of building materials at a much faster rate. As a result, it was possible for more structures to be created in a shorter period of time, resulting in a mass production of contemporary homes and buildings.

Today, a contemporary look is more individualized than ever before. An increasing number of people are choosing to express their individual personality through the architecture and design of their home or office. The contemporary look can be applied to a wide range of locations including the exterior of a shopping mall, country estate, or even a person’s home or apartment. In fact, there are more contemporary designs applied to homes and buildings than there have been in decades. In fact, the number of contemporary home and building designs has increased so rapidly that there are more homes being designed with modern design principles than ever before.

Contemporary Style Combination

The contemporary look was born out of the merging of several different architectural styles. Some of these architectural styles are the result of the Neoclassicism movement which occurred during the first half of the nineteenth century. Neoclassicism was characterized by an aesthetic focus on the harmony of form and function instead of emphasizing the appearance of a building. Neoclassicism was actually the precursor of many of the styles that are used in contemporary exterior architecture. Others well known precursors include the Viennese architectural style and the French Dadaist style.

Other contemporary home design styles incorporate elements of both Neoclassicism and Viennese designs. A distinctive point about contemporary home design is that the emphasis is on functionality instead of emphasizing the beauty of the external construction. In this way, the contemporary home design can appear to look like an extension of the building itself.

Most Common Contemporary Home Features

One of the most common contemporary home features is a large window’s exterior. Large, single-door windows are very common in contemporary homes and are usually located on the entryway to the house. These large windows are great at allowing natural light into the house and at letting heat into the rooms of the house. One of the best aspects of using large windows for contemporary home design is that they can also serve as skylights, which allow your rooms to have the feel of being outdoors.

Another popular contemporary home feature is wood siding. Wood siding is one of the most attractive features for a contemporary home, especially if you choose a plain color such as white or beige. Wood siding has a timeless quality that is not lost with the passage of time. Many homeowners prefer wood siding because it allows a clean line with the appearance of a larger home. The problem with wood siding is that if you live in areas where the winters are harsh, the moisture from the rain can damage the wood siding over time.

Other popular features for contemporary exterior designs include concrete or stone walkways and patio areas. Walkways made of concrete are very popular in cities such as Toronto since concrete is more resistant to staining than wood. Stone is another more common type of material used for walkways around the country. If you want a more rustic look, consider looking for a wrought iron trellis to decorate your porch or garden. Trellises are also popular in the landscaping industry.


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