Decorating Small Scandinavian Kitchens

30 – Are you dreaming of a small Scandinavian kitchen that will make you look like you have moved to Scandinavia? The trick to designing a small Scandinavian kitchen is to make the most use of every square inch of space available. Let us find out what small-scaled design ideas you need to implement to do so. With a small kitchen, you ought to stick to neutrals since they make the room visually bigger, lighter and more air-filled.

Customization in Choosing Colors

Furthermore, if the walls and cabinets match in hue, you are likely to create an optical illusion of more room and the kitchen may seem more airy. To create visual balance with the countertops, the shelves, flooring and lighting, it is advisable to use the same colors. For example, the shelves should be the same hues and the colors of the walls. If you have warm colors such as red and brown in your kitchen then the countertops should be a moderate shade of brown. This will make the entire room visually balanced.

Small kitchens usually lack open shelves as most people keep their food items on the counter. If the open shelves are there but the countertop is made of stainless steel or black tiles, then you are not getting the full benefit of your effort in making the kitchen look bigger. For an inexpensive decorating fix, use beautiful ceramic tiles to decorate the open shelves. Also, consider installing an elegant mosaic tile backsplash.

Install Open Shelving On The Table

A small kitchen usually lacks adequate cabinet space. To make up for the lacking storage, install open shelves on the countertop. Install tall storage cabinets below them, if the cabinets are not height appropriate. Use marble island cabinets to store small appliances like blenders and coffee makers.

When you have an open shelf on your countertop but not enough counter space, install a tiny kitchen island in your kitchen. Place all your cooking utensils on the tiny kitchen island. If your island is too small for all the utensils that you are going to place there, then make larger islands by using cookie cutters. You can even set one of your cookbooks on the island as the main reading material. Use lots of beautiful ceramic or porcelain tiles to dress up the island.

The Use of Chandeliers in The Corner of The Wall

For a small Scandinavian kitchen with butcher block countertops, a pendant lamp on one of the wall corners will provide both ambient light and adequate lighting. Pendant lamps work well especially when mounted under a marble island. These lamps can also be mounted on open shelves. If you need to hang up a framed picture, or a wall decor, consider hanging the Deco on a pendant lamp with a wooden or metal head rail attached.

In the kitchen with butcher block countertops, a black pendant lamp with a white tile backlight will make your countertop very attractive. The black tile can be accented with white mosaic tiles for a very creative look. If you are using tiles, use large ones so that they will cover the entire backsplash area. A black light with a white shade on the exposed sides will give you a very nice effect as well.

To further decorate your kitchen with a small Nordic feel, add wooden or wrought iron accessories to the kitchen. Use lots of wood furniture like dining tables and chairs. A black and white wrought iron candle holder on the counter can bring the overall theme of the room together. A kitchen island is another accessory that will give your counters added depth and elegance. Decorating your kitchen with these ideas will add warmth and charm to your kitchen, making it a place everyone loves to be in.


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