Cottage Style Bedroom Ideas

72 – Cottage Style Bedroom Ideas combine soft, neutral tones with a garden-inspired design. This look is reminiscent of a country cottage and features pastel walls, posy-clad prints, wicker baskets, and weathered wood beams. You can incorporate a family heirloom quilt for a personalized touch. Vintage accents and knick-knacks add texture and interest to your room.

Consider a Bedroom with a Standing Accent Wall

If you’d prefer a more contemporary look, consider a bedroom with a stand-out accent wall. Floor-to-ceiling wood paneling immediately draws attention, and wood elements continue the theme throughout the room. To complete the look, add a few whimsical accent pillows in graphic silhouette style.

You can also add the cottage feel to your walls with beadboard. Beadboard sheets are available at home improvement centers and can be wrapped around existing wainscoting. You can then top the wainscoting with a simple rail molding. Cottage-style bedrooms tend to be painted in neutral or pastel shades. Monochromatic white is a great choice, but oyster shell, light taupe, or soft gray can also work in the right setting.

A fireplace is another essential element of a cottage-style bedroom. It can add warmth to the room and make the room feel cosy and cozy. A fireplace is also a great place to display colourful artwork. The bed should be placed near the fireplace for the best effect. Cottage-style bedrooms are also often decorated with tweed fabrics.

Choosing a Color Scheme and Using the Right Furniture

Cottage style bedrooms are great for decorating on a budget. This design style can work in new homes, apartments, or townhouses. They draw inspiration from a range of sources and can be very versatile. Cottage-style bedrooms are perfect for both traditional and modern homes, and they can work in any location. The main point is to choose a cohesive scheme. Choosing the right color scheme and using the right furnishings and decor can help create a relaxing atmosphere.

You can use sheer curtains or drapes over swing-arm curtain rods for a soft feel. Adding a bouquet of fresh flowers on the dresser is another good way to bring the outdoors inside. Small bud vases can be placed on the bathroom vanity and desk area. Floral wallpaper is also an excellent accent wall or feature. You can also use floral wallpaper to line a built-in shelf or armoire.

A white cottage-style bedroom can be a great option if you’re trying to match a theme or color scheme. A white wooden ceiling and white walls give a neutral backdrop for colorful flower arrangements and paintings. White and light-colored walls, complemented by wooden furniture and accessories, will give you a cozy retreat.

Characteristics of a Cottage Style Bedroom

Cottage-style bedrooms usually feature low ceilings and wooden floors. Often the walls are low and sloping, with very little space for movement. Bedrooms in country cottages aretags typically cramped and have little room for furniture and other items. The furniture is simple, yet stylish, and is often complemented by wall paper and a floral accent.

The best way to achieve a country cottage look is by mixing old and new pieces, while using natural materials and light, calming colors. You can also incorporate vintage accessories and decorative paint techniques. Cottage style bedrooms can also be very functional, with lots of functional storage space. For a more refined look, you can add contemporary pieces.


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