Country Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinets

44 Adding a country farmhouse look to your kitchen can be as simple as choosing the right paint colors. Neutral colors are the best base to start from. These can be applied to both the walls and cabinetry. The color you choose will depend on your taste, but many homeowners are moving toward a more natural color palette. According to Stephanie Pierce, design director for MasterBrand Cabinets, stark whites are giving way to khaki creams and other nature-based colors.

Tips for Using Light Colors and Looks Roomy

Light, airy colors open up a small space. The open-faced cabinets reflect sunlight from the large window. The liberal use of beadboard adds character to the space. Wide posts around the porcelain sink provide detail. And a white beadboard ceiling keeps the space from feeling too dark.

Whether you want a traditional look or a more contemporary one, a country-style kitchen can be functional and beautiful. Usually, white cabinets contrast with a black countertop, which helps the kitchen feel modern. Dark-colored cabinets can also mask stains or discolorations. A vintage-style porcelain sink and heavy metal accents add to the antique appeal. A polished butcher block countertop will help create a welcoming space.

Country Farmhouse kitchen cabinets are typically made of quality wood. Oak, maple, cherry, and pine are the most common materials used. Redwood and fir are also suitable options. Pine is the most popular wood used for these cabinets, as it is a natural color with a distinctive knotty look.

White Kitchen with Warm Gray Accents or Natural Wood

A classic farmhouse kitchen can add a charming feel. These cabinets are made from wood and finished with a distressed black finish. Unfinished wood cabinets are also a great choice if you want a classic, rustic farmhouse feel to your kitchen. If you can’t decide on a color scheme, opt for a white kitchen with accents of warm grey or natural wood.

Country kitchen cabinets can also be made with beadboard panels, which are beautiful and traditionally linked with cottages. A kitchen with this material will instantly add charm to the room. Beadboard cabinets also have an added charm because they can be used to store glass-faced dishes and other kitchen items.

Country Farmhouse kitchen cabinets are also known for their unpretentious design. Most of these kitchen cabinets feature simple, uncomplicated cabinet doors. They also emphasize functionality and comfort. Many of them also feature recessed or raised panel doors. In addition to these, country kitchen cabinets often feature shaker-style doors. This style is often accompanied by rich carvings. This style is perfect for a country farmhouse kitchen.

Rustic Farmhouse Kitchen Cabinet Finishing

The finishing of country farmhouse kitchen cabinets is also less ornate and is typically painted in a light color. Distressed finishes are also a popular option, which will give your kitchen a vintage appearance. Some kitchens may even feature wooden floors. Another great option for a farmhouse kitchen is to choose an unfinished finish. This rustic look will add a rugged charm to your kitchen.

Country Farmhouse kitchen cabinets often feature an earth-tone color palette and natural wood finishes. Wood cabinets in this style tend to be light or medium-colored, with wood stains enhancing the graining patterns. You can also choose to paint your country farmhouse kitchen cabinets with pastels or neutrals. However, it is important to choose colors that blend with the rest of the decor in your room. And don’t forget to pick the right hardware!

A farmhouse kitchen has a simple and classic aesthetic that is easy to recreate. Adding an antique sink, reclaimed wood, and open shelving can add a touch of history to the room. Incorporating a farmhouse kitchen design into your kitchen can make the look more cohesive and welcoming.


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