Decorating a Pink Dining Room

Data reserved for dummy feature single image – If you’re looking for a fresh new look for your dining room, consider adding a fresh color like pink. This fun and welcoming dining room are located near a central corner of bright baby pink tiled walls that surround a playful little bit of nature pink wallpaper. The pink wallpaper has a touch of earthiness to it, which bind together the rest of the beautiful colors in this funky and unique dining room. The pink tiled walls feature small motifs of pink flowers in different shades and patterns that add splashes of color right into the dining table. The tables are set high and the chairs are also pink in color with matching tablecloths that provide a warm and inviting feel.

Make the Dining Room Look Unique

To complete the look of a this whimsical dining room, add a few items that coordinate with the walls and the pink accents on the ceiling and walls. A fantastic option is to use some lovely coordinating baby pink chairs and love seats that add a touch of cheerfulness and natural elegance to the room. Another option would be to add a cute little pink bench that sits proudly in the middle of the dining room. One other item that would look great would be a couple of matching roosters that can be suspended from the ceiling. Complete the ambiance by adding a few soft furnishings and a nice soft rug.

Add Color To The Walls And Ceilings The walls of a pink dining room are always going to be a bright and cheery color. However, they don’t have to be perfect. Using a mixture of complementary colors like aqua, turquoise, blue and yellow can create a festive look that will help the room break away from the more traditional brown or black paint. Mix in a few shades of pink to give it a touch of winter cheer as well. Pair the walls with a very large Christmas colored table cloth and place a few more of those colored pillows around the room for added decoration.

Great Ways to Decorate a Dining Room

Decorate The Dining Room With Christmas Mardi Gras Flutes And Glasses Another great way to liven up a pink dining room is to pair it with some festive Christmas colored glass squares. These glasses come in all sorts of holiday themed designs and patterns. You can find pink glass hearts, snowmen, wreaths, bells, and anything else you can think of. You can also find plain colored glass squares for dining purposes. Use these in combination with your existing colored glass pieces and you’ll instantly turn the room into a festive space with a beautiful shimmer in the windows.

Hang Up Some White Wainscoting A pink dining room with white wainscoting really brings out the cheerful nature of the room. Pair white wainscoting with a white Christmas door centerpiece and you’ll get lots of traffic going through the doors when it comes time to open them. This also sets the scene for a pretty wreath on the Christmas tree. If you want to take things up a notch, hang up a Christmas stocking with your holiday decorations such as ribbons and lights already attached.

Using Hanging Lamps On Pink Walls

Add A Pink Chandelier To The Walls Another fun thing you can do with your pink dining room is to add a pink wainscoted to the walls. With a little bit of wall sconce art installed in between the dining chairs and table, this will add a nice touch to the walls and add color as well as elegance to the dining space. Just make sure that your lights are dimmed enough so that there aren’t any glaring eyes in your home when the holiday season comes around.

Play Up The Walls One of the main features of pink dining rooms is the sheer amount of color that can be used. You can use one or two strong colors for the walls and another one or two softer hues for the flooring and window treatments. For the flooring, you can go with something soft such as pink sand or pink ceramic tiles. For the window treatments, something that’s a little less bold than paint is always a good idea. For example, if you have pink glass tiles in your bathroom, you can use frosted shower curtains instead of regular shower curtains.

Complete The Look With A Crystal Chandelier Overall, this is a great room to add color because of all of the different elements it can bring. If you want to bring even more attention to the pink ceilings and walls in the room, add a nice crystal chandelier above the dining area. A chandelier adds sparkle and glam to the room and will give your room just the right kind of lift. If you’re not into crystal chandeliers, go with hardwood floors and try to find pieces of furniture with large bows on them. As you can see, there are many ways you can dress up a pink dining room without making it too feminine.


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