Warmth and Beauty Come From White Walls


Kevindailystory.comChoosing an all white interior may sound like the safe choice, but there is a world of difference in a bold, fabulously stylish interior and one that is largely devoid of color. To achieve a stylish and strong interior all white colors through a mixture of decor, paint, furnishings and accessories, it really is best to utilise a more natural tone of white. White is all natural and gives off a feeling of space and lightness, rather than a sense of stark contrast. Below are some tips to ensure that your all white interior meets with a warm welcome.

Traditional White Interior in the Dining Room

White is a good contrasting colour but must be applied with care to avoid a harsh contrast. Too much white can look dated and dull, however it can be used in moderation to impart warmth. A more traditional white interior with dark woodwork and black chairs in an opulent dining room will look amazing but do not use too much white on the walls as this will make them appear washed out. Soft and airy whites in rooms with dark wallpaper also look very stylish.

Before you even start painting, decide whether you want a smooth surface or a textured one. Smooth surfaces are easier to touch up and come in a wide range of different colours. Textured surfaces are made up of small amounts of different colours painted onto a white background. These can be varied using various textures such as embossed, flocked, painted or smudged paint. Textured paint provides an opportunity for people to personalize their spaces.

Tips for Choosing Light Colored Walls

If you have light-coloured walls, opt for creamy whites which reflect and diffuse light to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Creamy whites also blend beautifully with other colours and the combination is extremely flattering. If you have dark walls, go for the darker shades of whites, which will appear very sharp and dramatic against a cream or beige background. Alternatively, you can use almost any colour in the spectrum as long as it is a pale shade such as pale lilac or pale gold.

There are some fabrics that are ideal for creating white all-white interiors. Silk, satin and crepe are good qualities and they also give a very sophisticated look. Satin and silk are ideal for a luxurious, timeless effect. Crepe is very contemporary in nature, which makes it perfect for contemporary apartments.

Color Palette Ideas For An All White Interior

It is important to think about texture because textures can affect how you perceive a room. When planning the colour palette for your all-white interior, choose soft pastel shades. Pastel colours create an intimate and relaxing atmosphere. They help create an environment where visitors feel welcome and comfortable. Pale, lightweight shades also create an intimate space, giving a feeling of warmth and intimacy.

In contrast, if you want a very bright and vivid space, go for vibrant colours. For a modern white interior design, it would be very exciting to go for black, red and gold colours. This will have a very dynamic impact on your space because it will create a striking contrast. However, when you choose all-black colour palettes, make sure you don’t end up with a homogenous, sterile and boring appearance. Mix and match different hues and tones until you get a great result. A bright, energetic space will make visitors feel at home.

You can also try warm tones, such as brown and yellow, in addition to white walls. These will certainly produce a warm and inviting environment. If you want a very dramatic effect, paint your walls a deep, rich chocolate brown. With this texture, visitors will get the impression that you are somewhere exotic and that you exude a sense of romance and wisdom.


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