Do Crying Have An Advantage?

crying advantages for health

Hi guys, thanks for visiting us and welcome back. Today I want to share you an interesting article about crying advantages for health. There’s some kind of misunderstanding in worldwide people lately.

Most people say crying are for woman and a man didn’t deserve to cry. Who says it? So, man can’t cry? Man didn’t deserve to cry? What do you think we are? Rocks? Because of this misunderstanding, there’s so much man that didn’t have any courage to cry even if they are get hurt really bad.

There’s not many people know about the advantages and disadvantages of crying. If just they know about crying advantages and disadvantages of crying the will not shy to cry anymore and in here I will share you about that info. So there’s no more misunderstanding about crying.

Why do People Need To Cry?

So you are afraid to cry because you are afraid they will call you a kid? What will you do? Will you just hold all that pain and tears? So, they didn’t mock at you? You are so funny. There’s nothing shameful when you want to cry, just cry. Crying are a natural response to pain and when you cry your body will release adrenocorticotropic that will make your body produce more cortisol. The cortisol will help you release your pain and stress through your tears. However, that’s only a small Advantages about crying. I will explain to you about the advantages and disadvantages of crying.

Crying Advantages For Health

First, let’s talk about crying advantages for health. I’m pretty sure there’s still not many people knowing the advantage of crying. Most of them only know about the disadvantage of crying. Here is a few advantage of crying that I will share with you.

  1. Crying Will help your eyes vision because tears from your eyes can somehow help you to prevent your eyes get hydration on your eyes membrane that can cause your vision sometimes becomes a little blur.
  2. Tears when you crying will kills Bacteria on your eyes. So, you don’t need eye drops or any other medicine. Because your tears contain lisozom, that liquids can kill around 90 – 95 % bacteria on your eyes, and it only takes 5 minutes. WOW!
  3. Boost up your mood. Do you know? When people crying their depression will be lower because their mood will be raised up again. Tears that caused by the emotional tragedy will contain 24% more albumin protein.
  4. Crying will help you release poison in your body. William Frey a BioChemical Expert doing some research about tears and found a tear that comes out from human eyes when crying contain toxic. Don’t worry about it because it means your body is healthy and tries to detox their ownself.

Disadvantages Of Crying

There are only a few disadvantages of crying for a body. Most of them are social disadvantages. Well, I guess even that’s only a few disadvantages for crying but you all still deserve to know.

  1. The feeling that will ruin your mood all day if you not cry.
  2. Sometimes if you hold your tears you will feel under pressure emotionally.
  3. Shame when you are a boy and your friend finding you’re crying.

That’s only a small disadvantage if you are crying. So, why you feel ashamed when they finding you are crying, Like I said before crying is a natural response to pain. So that’s all the Information I can give to you about advantages and disadvantages of crying


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