How To Be A Good Kid? | The Best Tips From Me

how to be a good kid

Welcome, guys, to my website kevindailystory. Today, I will give some tips on how to be a good kid based on my experience. As we know, we can be born to this world is because of our parents. And we can grow up also because of them. So, as their children, we need to show them that we are a good kid. But, how? It is easy, guys. Now, just check out my article if you are curious.

How To Be A Good Kid Based On kevindailystory

  • Listen To Your Parents

It doesn’t matter what your parents told you, you have to listen to everything that they said. They are more experienced than us since we are younger than them. After all, they told you everything that they feel is right and good for you. They just want you to listen to them so you can be a good person one day.

  • Don’t Bother Your Parents

When they are giving you some advice, don’t ever bother them. It is not a good habit since they are our parents. They are the one who gives all they have just to see us born to this world. Just obey everything that they told you since it is a good advice.

  • Be Polite

This is the best way on how to behave with your parents. You have to pay attention to the way you talk with your parents. As we know, we have to be polite if we are talking to the people who is older than us. We cannot call them by using their name because they are not our friends who have the same age as us. So, the manner is very important to show them that we are not a bad kid.

  • Help Your Mother

If you want to know how to behave well at home, helping your mother is the answer. Maybe our mother is the one who takes care everything in the house such as cleaning the house, wash the clothes and etc. But, do you have the heart to let your mother do it all alone? If you can give her a help, why don’t you help her? We still can do some things in the house such as cleaning our own bedroom, wash the dishes that we have used, and many other things that can reduce her work.

  • Don’t Drink Alcohol Or Even Using Drugs

Since we are a good kid, we should not drink alcohol or even using the drugs. It is not a reflection of a good kid at all. Why don’t you do some more positive things such as taking an extracurricular at school that can increase your ability rather than drink alcohol and uses drugs which will give you nothing but danger?

  • Don’t Miss School And Learn Diligently

Our parents send us to the school so we can be a smart person. So, don’t disappoint them by missing your school just to be happy with your friends who also miss the school. Better you keep learn and learn diligently so you can make your parents proud of you.

By doing all of my tips above, you can be a good kid for your parents. So, I hope you can be a good kid after following the tips that I have given. Thank you for reading my article about how to be a good kid and catch you later.


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