How to Create a Bohemian Home Office Style

55 – Transform your home office into a bright, free-spirited space by incorporating bohemian interior design elements. A well-designed boho home office will help you stay productive, feel inspired and reduce stress!

Bringing Natural Elements to a Bohemian Home Office

Keep in mind that bohemian home offices often feature organic materials, warm earthy palettes and layered textures. Adding plants, flowers and greenery to your workspace will bring a natural element into the room that will make you more productive. Minimalism is a lifestyle where you live with only the things that you need and that bring you joy. It’s a way of living that can help you save money, time and energy.

Often seen in minimalist architecture, it is defined by open floor plans, minimal ornamentation, clean lines and simple materials. It also features geometric forms, repeated elements and efficient structures. While this style of art may be a modern phenomenon, it has roots dating back to the early 20th century. It ushered in a radical artistic movement that defied gender, class and social boundaries.

Indoor house plants add to the boho-chic aesthetic by bringing natural elements indoors, and they also improve air quality. Plants are also good for mental health and are a great way to improve the look of your home or office. A lot of plant varieties work well in a bohemian space, from cacti to succulents. A Calathea, for instance, is a great low-maintenance tropical plant that’s easy to grow and brings an amazing bohemian vibe.

Popular Boho Style in Interior Decoration

Another plant to consider is the Monstera Deliciosa, which is a popular and gorgeous showy houseplant that’s super easy to care for. The Philodendron Bipinnatfidum is another great plant for a bohemian interior that’s also low-maintenance and good for cleaning the air. Boho style is popular for a reason: it’s bright, free-spirited, and instantly adds personality to any interior decor. It’s also a great choice for a home office because it creates a welcoming, calming space to work in.

To make your workspace more bohemian, incorporate a few colorful accessories into your decor. For example, hang some artwork displaying your favorite mantras or quotes, or pick up vintage finds while scouring flea markets. Another essential element of bohemian decor is indoor house plants. In fact, this can be a must for any workspace, as they help reduce stress and anxiety.

Options for Maintaining a Bohemian Home Office

Pillows and throws are a key component of a bohemian home office. They make the space cozier and more inviting while also adding a splash of color or pattern. To get the most out of your pillows, choose a single cohesive color palette and stick to it. Avoid veering off into too many different prints or patterns.  For sofas and chairs, a down/feather-filled pillow is the best choice because it will feel plusher than a polyester insert. If you don’t want to commit to down/feather, go for a poly-fill or polyester-filled couch pillow that will still look great.

If you want to decorate your home office with bohemian flair, there are many furniture choices. You can go for a simple wooden desk or a mid-century modern desk that will match your style. In addition, you can choose a chair or a chaise lounge to make the work area comfortable and appealing. Ottomans and stools are also options to keep your home office bohemian. To achieve a bohemian-inspired office, choose furniture that is made of sustainable materials like wood, rattan and bamboo. The natural texture and color will blend with the overall bohemian style and add a touch of uniqueness to your workspace.


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