How To Decorate Bathrooms To Make Them Look More Appealing

18 – If you live in a small home, there is no need to feel cramped and overwhelmed by a small traditional bathroom with traditional designs and features. There are several small traditional bathroom ideas that you can explore to make your bathroom feel bigger. Small bathrooms are ideal places to install faucets, vanities, mirrors, cabinets, countertops, toilets and tubs. To save space, use tall storage bins, baskets and containers for additional storage.

Choice of white or cream on the walls

White or cream wall coloring is best for small traditional bathrooms. In addition to wall coloring, you may want to invest in custom towel bars. These small areas are ideal on design. Several ideas that will help you create the look and feel you want for your bathroom.

Use custom towel bars, tall, clear hand towel racks and small soap dishes with decorative holders look attractive along with chrome or brass fixtures. This combination of fixtures will add dimension to your bathroom area and give your bathroom a small traditional bathroom look.

Tips for Choosing the Right Tile

Use tile ideas that match your walls and baseboards. You will want to complement your tiles so plan carefully and choose patterns and colors that will enhance the beauty of your room. Traditional bathroom ideas are based on the installation of ceramic tile, stone, solid surface or pressed wood laminates, which provide the most storage space.

Tiles should be cut to fit your spaces. Use a tape measure to ensure the right measurements are taken. When choosing your wall color, go with a complementing paint. Most traditional bathrooms are painted white, but you may decide to spice things up by painting your walls or floor tiles. Ceramic tiles, stone mosaic or wooden fixtures are wonderful ways to add color and interest to your walls.

Use a Combination of Cabinets and Accessories

Use a combination of cabinetry and accessories. The placement of your appliances is important as is the placement of your cabinetry items. With traditional bathrooms, we typically have two separate areas for our bathroom cabinets including a long narrow storage cabinet in the center of the room and a short counter with a sink and mirror above the cabinetry. Over the sink you may place another cabinet for your toiletries. Keep your counters neat and tidy and add decorative elements such as wrought iron candle holders and brackets around your mirrors.

Bathroom vanities are a must when renovating a small traditional bathroom. Vanities come in many styles and sizes. You can choose a pedestal, stand alone unit or a combination of both. They are perfect storage space and also come in the classic wooden or marble finish.

For a bath with a more classical feel, choose wall coverings that complement the colors and tiles you’ve chosen for your bathroom. If you’re looking for a marble-effect walls, you might want to choose a Victorian wash. Alternatively you could opt for the more modern ‘Lapel’ style wallcoverings. These look great against light colored walls. A contemporary marble finish would also be an ideal choice for your walls.

Add Plenty of Storage Space In The Bathroom

Smaller bathrooms need to have a lot more storage space than large bathrooms. Fortunately you will find many small fixtures that are suitable for use in small bathrooms such as towel racks, tissue holders and hooks. Look out for the wall mounted storage options too as this can provide a very effective solution. A lot of smaller fixtures also provide a very neat appearance.

One of the best small bathroom ideas is to use natural materials as part of your design. Use natural materials like cotton and linen for your towels. Consider reusing knick-knacks like old towel holders or towel frames to save yourself some money. Use natural fabrics and colors for your wall coverings. Towels should ideally be either plain color or pattern.

If you have the opportunity to, install a steam kit in your bathroom. The steam can help to refresh your bathroom and get rid of unwanted odours. Make sure the exhaust vent is located near your shower and tub. Your bathroom maintenance regime needs to include regular cleaning of your bath and shower fixtures and equipment. You should regularly wipe down the bathtub, taps, shower head and baseboard, ensure that there is no grime or soap residue build up and that everything works smoothly.

Remember that it’s not just the size that matters when considering how to decorate small bathrooms but the quality of workmanship as well. Consider using luxurious fabric for your bath and shower curtains. Remember to use shades of soft pastel and light weight linen to compliment your walls and bath towels. Once you have designed and decorated your bathroom to your liking, then make sure that you keep to good home maintenance practices by following the tips above for keeping your bath and shower curtain in great condition.


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