How to Prevent Flooding | Start from Doing Little Things

how to prevent flooding

Flood is one of the most common natural disasters that we can find exactly in every country in this world. This natural disaster often happens when the intensity of the rain is on the high scale. Then, the water in the river and reservoir will overflow because it is not able to accommodate such a big volume of the water. But actually, this is not simply a matter of nature. There are also human activities that cause this to happen. And in order to minimalize the chance of flooding, I will give you some easy ways on how to prevent flooding that you can follow to help the country or city where you belong to get rid of this problem.

Simple Ways on How to Prevent Flooding

Don’t Throw Your Garbage in the River


This is the most common reason why this natural disaster can happen. Throwing our garbage to the river is not a wise action. Instead, it is one of the main causes of flooding can happen. The garbage that you throw in the river will pile up by the time and block the water flow. Then, the water will overflow and cause the flooding. So, throw your garbage to where it should be and keep the river free from garbage in order to prevent the flooding.

Plant More Trees Instead of Cutting Them Off


The tree is one of the most important things to absorb the water. So, planting more trees will help the process of absorbing the water. That’s why cutting of the trees is not a good action because it can bring a negative effect such as flooding. Just plant some new trees around your house and it will help a little to prevent flooding.

Make Biopore Holes

Maybe not so many people know about this one. So, I will explain a little about what is the biopore hole. It is a hole around 10 cm wide and 80 until 100 cm deep which made on the land surface. This hole can absorb the water really well and fast. The water will be directly absorbed into the soil and reduce the chance of flooding.

Build More Water Absorption Area

In a big city mostly doesn’t have a good water absorption. Almost all of the area in a city covered by the asphalt. As we know, asphalt cannot absorb as well as the land surface. A big city must have a lot of park, green space or a small city forest in order to improve the water absorption.

Have a Good Water Flow System

Water flow system and the place to accommodate the water is really important especially for a big city. As we know, the water will flow from the high places to the lower places. And if the water flow system and the place to accommodate it is not good enough, it will cause a very bad flood.

They are all the ways on how to prevent flooding that should be done. If you want your place free from the flood, just do some of the ways above and help to reduce the risk of flooding.


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