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how to stay alive in the woods

There are a lot of people who love to hike into the forest. They love it because they can see the great view and feel the fresh air that they cannot see and get in the city. But, have you ever get lost while admiring the views around the woods? I’m sure you haven’t because you are reading my article, right? Then, before it happened, you should be well prepared. And in my topic today about how to stay alive in the woods, I will tell you all the things that you should prepare to anticipate if you get lost.

How to Stay Alive in the Woods

Bring Enough Food

Before you go inside the forest for a walk, you need to bring some food in a backpack. This is one of the most important things that you should do. Although you may find some food like fruits in the woods, it is not a guarantee that you will find it. At least, it is better if you have a stock of food rather than none at all.

Survival Gear is a Must

You never know what will happen or what will you meet while you exploring the woods. You may meet some wild animals or some accidents during your journey. That’s why you need to prepare some survival gear to guarantee your safety. Bring all the useful things like compass, knife, lighter, flashlight, sleeping bag, and whistle.

Don’t Panic

Being panic just make your condition getting worse. You cannot concentrate and think clearly about what you should do if you so panic. If you realize that you are getting lost in the woods, it would be better if you stop at wherever you are and try to keep calm. Take a deep breath and make a plan to stay survive until the help arrives.

Find or Make Your Own Shelter

After you realize that you get lost, the next thing that you should do is to find a shelter. But, before you find or make your own shelter, you should scout the area first. It is to make sure that your place right now is quite safe for you to stay. And the other reason is to find the resources like food and water which close to your place. If you have done it, you can build the shelter.

Build a Fire

Before the sun goes down, you should build a fire to make you keep warm during the night. The night in a forest is really cold then you can imagine. Find some dry woods that you can find around you and quickly start the fire. Build a fire will give you a comfort and safety feeling. Besides, you can use it to purify the water and cook the food like fish that you found from the river.

All of those tips on how to stay alive in the woods are really important. So, make sure to follow all of my tips above to anticipate a situation where you really get lost in the woods.


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