Living Room Suites With Small Vintage Living Room Furniture


Kevindailystory.comSmall Vintage Living Room decorating ideas are so stylish and so inviting. I live in New Hampshire and there are so many beautiful older homes there, some of them have antiques. My friends and I like to go for the smaller vintage homes and we enjoy staying in them for a weekend or an entire week. There is something special about small living rooms because you can feel cozy there.

Small Vintage Living Room Decoration Ideas

Here are some small vintage living room decor ideas to get you started. Modern pink wall color with pale blue tablecloth would be a great place to start. Another good choice would be white or beige wicker lamps with a vintage brass chain. Use your imagination. You could use one light fixture for both the table lamps and the chandelier. The lamps should match the wall color.

Choose a few chairs and a couple of cozy sofas that go with the wall color and then get some accent tables and a coffee table to add some more seating space. The furniture you buy should be very basic, but the focus should be on being comfortable. Don’t clutter up the room. A nice area rug will soften hardwood flooring and will add warmth underfoot. If you want to add a little “wow” to the room, then consider adding a faux antique fireplace surround and some distressed wall art.

Giving Art to the Room

Wall art is one of the small vintage living room ideas that give character to a room. You want to choose pieces of art that are suitable for both your home decor style and your living room furniture. Art Deco lighting is fun, but not for everyone. If you don’t care for the details, then get a soft glow that will reflect on the walls and furniture below.

There is a wide range of small space furniture available for purchase today. Most sectional sofas, love seats and loveseats come in exciting colors and textures. You can find them with leather upholstery, quilted or distressed fabrics. You can find sofa sets including queen or king sized seats and accent tables, with matching low table tops and matching end tables.

Selection of a Beautiful Sofa for The Living Room

When shopping for small living rooms furniture, you can buy a sofa, love seat or loveseat set to build your room around. If you prefer, there are also corner sofas, loveseats and sectional sofas available in interesting shapes and colors. You can coordinate the rest of your furniture or create a unique look all together. There are many choices in modern, contemporary, retro and Victorian styles for your small living rooms and bedrooms.

You can create a lovely looking room with small living rooms furniture and find that you have a lot more area than you thought you did. It can make a big difference in the size of a room and it can make your home feel much larger than it is. You can use the extra space to add extra chairs or a dining room table. It is great for small rooms, especially for those that are difficult to furnish or are used for entertaining. The added space can also be used as storage for books, CDs or DVDs, holiday decorations or to keep craft items like needlepoint or rugs from cluttering up the room.

One of the best ways to use the extra area is to add an interesting lighting feature to your lighting fixtures. This could be a chandelier, a small crystal chandelier or recessed lighting. A rug with some floral patterns makes an excellent accent rug or a large cushion rug on the floor that accentuates the seating area. If you have artwork in the form of a painting or a collection of framed photos, you can use these as accessories to the art pieces. The artwork should match the decor of the room so that there is a sense of togetherness and co-ordination between the pieces rather than appearing to be simply decorative additions.


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