The Importance of Minimalist Kitchen Organization

14 – Are you planning to redesign your kitchen but don’t know how to go about it? Simple doesn’t have to mean boring. Use these suggestions to really make a unique and beautiful minimalist kitchen. Get Rid of the Mess. The first step on the path to a clutter-free kitchen is to eliminate all the unnecessary clutter.

Tips for Decorating a Minimalist Kitchen

The key to minimalist kitchen is making the most of available storage space, so maximize what you have behind closed doors. This includes using cupboards, pantries, and drawers to store items that are rarely used such as spices and sugar. Many small kitchens have limited space, which makes it even more difficult to keep track of everything. Instead of a large kitchen island with several worktops or workbench areas use shelving units to store small items such as spoons and forks. A small table with a glass top for glasses also looks great and adds additional storage solutions.

Keep counters simple and opt for paint that will show off the countertop. If you must have cabinet and drawer liners, then use plastic instead of steel or laminate for the fronts. If you are going for a minimalist look, then avoid using colored cabinets and counters. Most people prefer black, white and beige counters to other colors, especially when they are designing a minimalist kitchen.

It is best to avoid mismatched accessories because they tend to get cluttered fast. Get rid of all the accessories such as mugs, bowls, plates, cups, towels and washcloths. They are just not necessary and adding them could actually crowd your counters.

Functional Use of Cabinets and Shelves

Look for appliances that are easy to move around the house. Countertops with locking drawers are great for this minimalist kitchen interior designer as you do not have to get up to open them. Use cabinet doors that swing open or doors with a hinge and this makes it easy to move your appliances from one room to another. Use cabinets and shelves that are functional and look good, and match them to your countertops.

For people who are new to minimalist kitchen designs, getting rid of clutter all together is key. Do not add anything to your kitchen that is considered to be unnecessary. A good way to start is by getting rid of any items that you don’t need and replacing them with useful products that you can use elsewhere. A good way to get rid of excess appliances is to donate them to thrift stores or garage sales.

Countertops and cabinetry are two of the biggest items that are needed in a minimalist kitchen interior design. Choosing colors that are earth tones will help to give the cabinetry and countertops a neutral appearance. There are some beautiful marble finishes that you can find at many home improvement stores. These finishes will give your cabinets and counters a classy look that is very elegant. While you are selecting the cabinetry and countertops keep things simple.

How to Store Items in Kitchen Design

Another important feature to consider in a minimalist kitchen design is the amount of storage space that you have in your kitchen island. If you only have a few items you will not want to build a large island to store everything. A good idea is to group similar items together on your pantry. This makes it easy to find just the item you need without having to search for everything.

Storage space is the most important element in a clutter-free kitchen. Cabinets and counters do not need to be as elaborate to help you keep things neat and tidy. When your counters are kept simple you can use your imagination and creativity in other areas of the kitchen, such as on the countertops.

The Right Minimalist Kitchen Arrangement

The final consideration for a clutter-free kitchen is the appliances. A good way to make sure that your appliances are simple and easy to clean is to buy used appliances whenever possible. Buying used appliances will save you money and you will have a clean kitchen every time. You can also purchase items online that are only a couple of years old. You can find many of these great used appliances at garage sales and flea markets.

A clutter-free kitchen is easy to achieve when you choose the right minimalist kitchen organization techniques. These tips will help you from spending hours searching for everything in the kitchen, to simply organizing it all with the right tools. With just a few hours of work, you can have a clutter-free kitchen.


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