Negative Effects Of Using The Internet That You Should Know

negative effects of using the internet

Hi, guys, welcome to my website, a place to find a lot of information and tips. Today, I would like to tell you some of the negative effects of using the internet. As we know, the internet has been an important part in human’s life. Every people in this world must have known the internet. And I can guarantee that we cannot live even just a second without it.

Actually, it has so many positive things and advantages for our life. For example, by using the internet, we can get an information faster. Also, we can talk and see the people from different places although they are in the far place. But, besides all the advantages that it offers to us, it also has lots of disadvantages for human’s life. What are they? Let’s check out the bad things of using internet below, guys.

Negative Effects Of Using The Internet

Eye Damage

As we know, people often use the internet for hours and of course, they have to see the monitor for a long time. Actually, it will damage your eyesight if you stay in front of computer or laptop for hours like that. Moreover, if you just less than two meters from the computer.

Lack Of Social Relationship

In the old times, people loves to stay together with their friends in order to communicate. But nowadays, people like to communicate with other people by using the internet. The young generation has lost their social relations because of it. They tend to communicate/interact with the social media rather than gather with their friends.

Waste Time On Things That Are Not Important

Most people spend their time on the internet just for doing unimportant things like chatting on the social media, watching videos on Youtube, and much more. They like to waste their time for a useless conversation on the social media. They can spend hours just to chat with their friends. Whereas, they can get more than that if they use the social media wisely such as information, and etc.

Illegal Actions

The internet has become a dangerous thing in our life. It is because the internet can be used for some illegal actions like kidnapping case, criminalities, and cyber crimes.

Many Hoax

Nowadays, it is easy to gain a lot of information from the internet. But, there are lots of wrongs information. It is because of lots of misunderstanding when people receive the information and they spread it through the social media.

Reduced Interest In Reading Books

This is the last of the disadvantages of using the internet that I can tell you. In this internet era, people loves to read from the internet. For example, from the social media which serves lots of news or online article from a website. For that reason, people start leaving books as the best thing to gain their knowledge. They think it is easier to read from the internet because they don’t need to bring a book. They just need to access the internet and choose the news or information that they want to read.

Okay, I think that’s all about negative effects of using the internet that I can share with you. What do you think about it? Do you like it? I hope you do. Hopefully, this article can enrich your knowledge. And if you have a suggestion or comment about this article, don’t be shy to share it with me. I will receive all your comments. Then, thank you for reading and see you in my next article.


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