Rustic Kids Room Ideas

20 -Kids’ rooms are often times considered “safe” spaces for children to explore and play. With that in mind, many parents and other caring adults often fail to give their kids the experience of truly “enjoying” a room. Too often, we decorate and brighten our kids’ rooms only to be met with rebellion and boredom. Fortunately, there are now many rustic kids room ideas available to help remedy this common problem.

rustic kids bedroom

Many people mistakenly believe that all rustic kids room ideas are simply inspired by nature and Native American designs. The truth is, these styles have been used successfully throughout North America for years. This can be seen in architecture, decorative accessories, clothing, and even in play time activities. Let’s take a look at some rustic kids room ideas that can help foster a peaceful, healthy environment for your child.

One of the best rustic kids room ideas is to use natural materials, such as natural stones, wood, or paint. Instead of trying to steer away from “cute” items like stuffed animals, create an environment where they are not the focal point. Instead, choose accessories and furnishings that are functional but also give your kids a “home”. Placing a few rustic themed mirrors on a shelf, for example, is a great way to bring some natural materials into the room without overwhelming it. In addition to bringing in nature elements, consider also placing an old saddle rack along a wall to add some horse-drawn carvings to the room.

Another one of the best rustic kids room ideas is to create a log cabin out of building materials found around the home. This can include left over items from a last Christmas or birthday party, items from a local landfill, or just about anything else that is damaged, stained, or moldy. If you’re having problems finding any of these things at your local retailers, consider renting them from a friend or family member. The same can be done for wallpaper, curtains, flooring, etc.

rustic kids bedroom

There are a few rustic kids room ideas that focus around the seasons, as well. A winter theme is quite popular with kids, especially since most children love the snowy season. Instead of using “fuzzy” fabrics and blankets in the winter, using heavier weight wool or cashmere keeps the room cozy while giving it a unique look. The same idea can be applied to using natural materials, such as deer antler lamps.

Spring and summer are the perfect times of the year to have a kids room, as they transition from being “in the snow” to “out in the sunshine”. Many rustic kids room ideas incorporate both themes. Using large stuffed bears and reindeer, covering the walls with beautiful flower arrangements, and strategically placing bench seating around a play area all create a warm and comfortable environment. There’s also a wide variety of kids’ bedding items that are made out of animal fur and other natural materials. Using these bedding items can help to create a wonderfully comfortable space.

Decorating a rustic kid’s room doesn’t have to be limited to just a few throw pillows and a rug. Using decorative items like bead work, knick-knacks, and wall art can help transform an otherwise plain space into a fun and funky kids hang out. Many of the beads and knick-knacks can be used in the summer months, as well, when kids are more active and don’t spend as much time indoors as they do outdoors. The possibilities are almost endless with this type of decorating!

As you can see, there are many rustic kids room ideas that kids will love. Decorating can be done in a very fun and creative way that makes your kids happy and at the same time creates a fun space for them to enjoy being kids. You can get a feel for what could be popular simply by browsing through some of the ideas posted on the internet. The best way to decide what would be best is to sit down with your kids and have them help you select the things that they like the most.


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