Modern Bathroom Interior Design


Kevindailystory.comModern bathroom interior designs are minimalist and ingenious these days. You have to mix bold lines and textures, with classic furniture, colors and patterns, in order to make a creative and stylish bathroom layout. The comfort, privacy, space and extreme hygienic conditions that come with modern bathrooms are due to years of social and architectural change. Today’s bathrooms have become mini-spas or steam rooms. They are heavily inflected by contemporary interior design ideas and architecture. The ultra-modern bathroom can be compared to a spa, where one can luxuriate with infinite luxuries.

Modern Bathroom Interior Design

The elements of modern bathroom interior design comprise of minimalistic designs and colors. Colors are usually bright or warm and neutral. Wallpapers are either neutral or hot and funky. Bathroom fixtures such as sinks, faucets, and toilets use simple forms and minimal designs. The colors of the walls and the textiles used for the floors tend to be monochromatic, which is why they are easy to clean, and what many consider as modern.

Many modern bathroom interior ideas concentrate on maximizing space. The sink is smaller in size and designed in an innovative way, so that more can be done in the small space. It is integrated into the tub, so that when you stand in the tub you do not see the sink. Bathtubs are also integrated into the bathtub and are usually raised up to accommodate the head of the bathtub. For an ultimate bathing experience, there are heated towel racks and steam showers, that offer a lot of pleasure to the user.

A major aspect of modern bathroom decoration is the use of marble. Marble is the most popular building material for bathrooms. For its beauty and durability, marble is used everywhere, even on the doors and tiles of the bathroom. It is used extensively in home decor, but it is especially suited to give your bathroom an elegant and classy look. One thing that makes marble a perfect fit for a bathroom is that it is easy to clean. All you need is a gentle liquid detergent to wipe it down, and then the marble will gleam back to its former glory.

Modern Bathroom Interior Design

To give your bathroom a more modern feel, try using pvc panels over your windows and doors. This modern look will only complement your PVC bathroom wall tiles. Although PVC panels are cheap and easily available, but they have one major flaw; moisture resistance. You may think that a bathroom fitted with PVC panels is completely waterproof, but sadly this is not the case. If you want your bathroom to be moisture resistant, then you should use a product such as fiberglass sheeting which is not only very cheap but very effective at preventing moisture from penetrating the walls.

If you want a bathroom that looks bright, spacious and airy, then you should opt for light colors and minimalist designs. These types of bathrooms are perfect for a home office. In fact, some offices even have their own bathrooms. The best thing about light colors and minimalistic design is that it creates a spacious aura in the room. You can also paint the walls and tiles with light colors, thereby creating a warm atmosphere.

One important aspect of bathroom designing is using proper plumbing fixtures and fittings. Plumbing accessories made out of stainless steel or copper are perfect for this type of bathroom. One important thing that you should remember when choosing plumbing fixtures and fittings for your bathroom is that you should ensure that you don’t mismatch your bathroom fixtures with your main thing; which is your bathroom’s theme.

You can save space, add elegance to your bathroom, and enhance the value of your home by selecting modern trends in bathroom decoration. Today, many bathroom designers are offering custom made accessories, so you can choose a perfect item for your bathroom. You can also make use of modern flooring options like ceramic tiles, wood, marble and other options.


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