Shabby Chic Basement Decorating

19 – Shabby chic is the ‘in’ thing for creating a cozy, homey environment – but you don’t have to be an expert designer to create a stylishly chic and romantic basement. The key is to start with well-chosen, quality pieces that will provide the finishing touches. Think about lighting: light adds dimension and depth, so look for sconces or other decorative lighting fixtures that will create a soft, warm glow and ambience. In particular vintage, aged lights work great – particularly if you’re looking for a romantic, vintage-style Victorian style that will work perfectly in a family home or even a guest bedroom.

Shabby Chic Basement Ceiling Ideas

The secret of all great shabby chic basement ceiling ideas is texture – find soft rugs that reflect light, create an inviting atmosphere, and are durable enough to use as an area rug. Rugs work best over a larger area, since they aren’t constrained by the dimensions of the room, and can really add life and character to a room. Don’t forget the floor: choose shabby chic area rugs and hand towels that have a loose and airy feel that mirrors their indoor counterparts. The key is to keep the floor as light and airy as possible; thick, carpeting is not a must. Lighter carpets and hardwoods are great, however; the less heavy your carpet, the more authentic your room will feel.

If you’d like a more traditional look, start with a wooden ceiling. Look for distressed finishes so you can appreciate the lovely, age-old charm of this timeless material. You can also use the chandeliers and other lighting fixtures found in older houses, like candelabras, Gothic lanterns, or antler lamps. If you want a more modern feel, opt for lamps made from metal, granite, glass, or wood – like a metal Gothic lamp. You can even paint your entire room black or other deep colors; the effect is sure to be striking.

Tips for Choosing Basement Decoration Lighting

If you have enough space, you can also install wall sconces on either side of your basement ceiling, above your window (or any other place you think would work nicely). If you don’t have enough room for wall sconces, you can simply place pendant lamps above your window (pointy shades only work on larger windows or spaced-out ceilings), or place lamps on wooden floor planks or other bases in your basement. Keep in mind that your pendant lamps and other lighting fixtures should match your ceiling and your wall color (and texture, if appropriate). For instance, if you have a dark, distressed painted wall, go with light colored decorating to offset the effect. Remember to keep all pieces coordinated – light fixtures should be complementary to your overall design scheme, and you should consider using coordinating knobs and pulls for your cabinet doors and drawers.

Of course, you’re not done yet! Since your shabby chic ceiling ideas should fit your entire house, you’ll need to think about your larger rooms as well. For instance, if you have a smaller bathroom, you might want to install ceiling fixtures that are smaller, such as pendant lamps, in order to open up the space and add height. You can also try installing a skylight above your bathroom to bring more light into the area.

Good Furniture For Shabby Chic Basement

In terms of actual furniture for your basement, you’ll find just as many choices as you would do in a larger living space. You can choose between leather sofas and sectionals and opt for elaborate tablecloths and plush area rugs. Don’t worry – shabby chic isn’t boring; these items are just meant to add to the ambiance. Additionally, metal ceiling fans can help to cool your small basement as well.

Now, let’s talk about where you should put all this new furniture. To start with, if you’ve chosen an airy, open design, then you’ll want to avoid any cluttered clutches or knick-knacks that will take up space. Instead, select a few pieces of contemporary furniture, such as a metal or wooden floor lamp or a metal bookcase. Keep in mind that shabby chic style is all about light and airy options. A modern basement ceiling fan can help to accomplish this very goal.

Finally, you should finish off your transformation by adding some finishing touches like wood-burning fireplaces or open shelving. By keeping your new, airy space light and airy, you’ll be able to use your new room for years to come, without worrying about your basement ceiling being too high or too low. You’ll also be able to fully enjoy your new decor when it comes time to sell your house, since your basement looks like a completely different place from when you moved in. Don’t worry if you have a smaller budget; finishing touches like these can make your basement look like a whole new place!


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