Mid Century Modern House Plans


Kevindailystory.comMid-century modern home designs are focused on meeting the desires and needs of the “new generation,” the baby boomers. The current population is aging but wants homes that look like it was made just after 1950. In this case, modern or contemporary design really does not have to mean bland and staid. Instead, it can mean sleek lines, a sense of fluidity, and an almost minimalist approach.

Mid Century Modern Exterior Characteristics

This style was born in Los Angeles during the early part of the decade. Known as the Arts and Crafts movement, this style focused on using large glass doors and aluminum and steel construction. Large windows and sliding glass doors were very common, as was an abundance of natural materials throughout the home. It was all about highlighting natural features and creating a large open space that was easy on the eye. A mid-century modern exterior can be quite beautiful.

The use of large glass panels in the mid-century modern design style was an innovation that was not common in the outside of the home. Sliding glass doors made of aluminum and steel allowed for more views to be enjoyed. While the sliding doors would eventually be replaced by the much more popular sliding glass doors, this innovative use of the material continues to this day. Another aspect of this design style is the use of flat roofs that extend up toward the house. These roofs have a very clean line, contrasting instead of being too busy.

Large patios are another feature found in many mid-century modern exterior designs. While these outdoor spaces were most commonly seen in apartment complexes and resorts, they are becoming increasingly common in more suburban homes. Patios are great for entertaining as well as for taking a nice lunch or relaxing with family. They are also nice for showcasing landscaping and other features of the home.

Tips for Building a Mid-Century Modern Exterior

A mid-century modern exterior will also be filled with plenty of windows. In fact, it is common to find that a main door in the home has been replaced with a large glass window. This allows for plenty of natural light to stream into the house. These windows are often single-paned, but there are some double-paned options available. A sliding glass door, of course, will always be included on the list of details.

Mid-century homes often feature large porches as well as outdoor patio areas. A mid-century modern exterior can feature a very simplistic style of design with just a few pieces of furniture in the outdoor living area. This type of living space can be perfect for enjoying the beauty of nature without stressing your budget.

Combination of Exposed Brick and Large Glass Window

Other features to look for in mid-century exteriors include large glass windows and exposed brick. Brick is also commonly used to create the exterior walls of many residences. The combination of exposed brick and large glass windows is an extremely bold element. Many of the homeowners who choose this design choice for their residence feel that it adds an incredible amount of character to their home.

The goal of every home owner is to make their home as comfortable and as beautiful as possible. One of the easiest ways to achieve this goal is by choosing modern styles of construction for both the inside and outside of the home. If you are looking to buy a new home for yourself or as a great addition to someone else’s, then take a look at some of the beautiful mid-century modern house plans that are available. These designs will inspire you and will ensure that your home will be a place where you want to be.


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