The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mobile Phones

the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones

Hi, buddies welcome back to my website, the place to find lots of information, tips and much more. Today, I would like to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones. As we know, the mobile phone cannot be separated from our life because it serves us everything that we need. Every people must have at least one mobile phone. And nowadays, it has become a part of people’s life. That is why I would like to give you some of the advantages and disadvantages of using a mobile phone. let’s check it out, guys.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Mobile Phones

The Advantages of Mobile Phones.

1. For Communication. The mobile phone is used to help us to communicate with the other people. You can communicate by using various ways, like making a phone call so you can speak straight to the people that you want to talk to, or you can give them a text message.

2. Internet Access. Nowadays, the mobile phone has the ability to connected to the internet like PC. So, you can send and receive an e-mail like in PC. Besides, you can browse a website, download games, videos, music and much more. Also, there is something more like booking a flight ticket, transferring money from the bank and still much that you can do with the mobile phone.

3. Used for A Variety of Things. The mobile phone can be used not only to communicate but also to entertain. With a mobile phone, you can take a picture by using the camera, you can browsing around the internet, listen to the music, playing a video game and much more. There are lots of interesting things that you can find on a mobile phone.

The Disadvantages of Mobile Phones.

1. Can Distract Our Concentration. The mobile phone often used in many situations, for example when we are driving. Some people often use their mobile phone to make a call or answering a call when they are still driving. This action can distract our concentration a lot. When we are answering a call, we just focussing our attention to the mobile phone and it is really dangerous for ourselves or other people.

2. Misused. Nowadays, the mobile phone is used to do some negative actions such as, to watch porn videos where some of the people are still underage and it is not good for their future. Then, to commit fraud, there are a lot of people use the mobile phone to fool other people just to get a profit for themselves.

3. Addicted. As we know, there are so many social media applications on the mobile phones. And those applications makes people get addicted to playing it. Nowadays, people likes to interact with other people by using a social media and they will stay for hours or maybe more than hours just to play in the social media. They can’t and won’t stop although someone told them to stop.

I think that is all about the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones that I can give to you for today. From the facts above, I can conclude that mobile phones must have the good and the bad things although it is very useful and cannot be separated from human’s life. Okay then, thank you for reading this article and wait for my next article. See you later, guys.


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