The Impact of Phone Usage To a Kid

the Impact of phone usage to a kid

Hi guys, welcome back to our website again. today I want to share you the impact of phone usage to a kid. because lately, we know technology keep evolving every day. And our kid as Generation Z, are the one that closer with this era. It’s like they have an ability to adapting to any kind of technology.

I know there’s must be a pro and con in our mind. Especially if we have a kid and they are really addicted to gadget and any other technology. So. if we want to know what’s the advantage of the technology they offer to us, we need to know the disadvantage too.

The Advantages Of Technology

Now we will examine the advantage of technology in our life first. The fact is we can’t lie to ourself, right? Technology evolves faster every single day, make everyone life so much easier and happier. But, did technology just do that? Do you know any other thing technology can do? Now I will tell you some benefit of technology.

1.  Technology improves our communication. Do you remember the day when we use letter or telegrams? Or maybe you are not born yet in that year. If you’re not born yet on that year it means you are lucky because in this era you don’t have to wait for Mr.Postman to deliver your letter and any other sucks thing before technology become like this.

2.  Technology grants us easier access to information. Do you remember? That day, when we didn’t know something, we will always ask our parents, teacher, or friends, and if they don’t know the answer, the question will just hanging like that. But in this day, all question can be asked to everyone using technology.

3. Improve our entertainment. Do you ever think what will you do if there’s no phone, TV, computer, and any other technology? Our life maybe would be more boring than this. But because we live in the digital era where technology becomes so advanced, we don’t need to afraid about that anymore.

4. Social networking. Technology helps us to connected with other people and make it so much easier to connect with other people from another place. Do you ever imagine how we will communicating if there’s no technology?

The Disadvantage Of Technology

After examining the advantage of technology, now we will talk about the disadvantages of technology in here. especially for kid and teenager.

  1. Job loss. The more advanced technology, it will somehow take more of human jobs and works. So, don’t get shocked if one day there’s no more human doing jobs because they are already replaced by robots.
  2. Lazier Generation. Do you ever read about human life spawn rate? Our life becomes shorter every year. They have become lazier because they think technology can help them doing anything, anytime.
  3. Increased Loneliness rate. Because they are too busy with their technology. The become not aware of their surrounding. Sometimes their heart becomes numb and can’t feel other people feelings anymore.

After reading this article about the advantage of technology and the advantage of technology in this article. what do you think? Do you still want to get too attached to technology? Now, you must know about the impact of phone usage to a kid. Thanks for reading, see you later.


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