The New Hollywood Glamour Bedroom Style

20 – For those who have always wanted a Hollywood glam look in their bedroom, the options for bedroom furniture have never been greater. With all the hot designs and colors available, the possibilities are endless for creating a glamorous look in any bedroom. A Hollywood glam look can make your room stand out, but you don’t need to own a big house in order to achieve it. You don’t even need to live in Hollywood to enjoy the look and feel of a Hollywood glam bedroom. Whether you’re designing a lavish bedroom from scratch or are inspired for planning Hollywood glam bedroom, Houzz has every design for you.

Contemporary Hollywood Glam Look

White Bedroom The ultimate in contemporary style is a white bedroom with black siding and trim. This is perfect for a Hollywood glam look, especially if you don’t have much natural light entering your bedroom. Black is a classic dark color, so this will work well with just about any other color in your room, although it would look more dramatic with red or blue. You can accessorize with black leather shag or a black headboard. If you have white walls, paint them with an accent color to tie everything together.

Blue This is another great color for a Hollywood glam look. You can get black and blue painted trim on just about any wood item in your room. Try using a deep teal blue for the headboard and using a pale blue on the walls. This combination is beautiful, as it’s a bit different than the typical color scheme. In this type of Hollywood interior design style, the trim will usually be a deep blue.

White Bedroom In Hollywood Glam Bedroom Design

White Bedroom White is another popular color used in Hollywood glamour bedroom designs. You can still get a classic white bedroom dress with a white bodice and a full skirt, as well as a white skirt paired with a simple white apron and white tie. You can find these types of dresses at many major department stores. Find one that has a full length mirror on the bottom shelf. You will want to add more than a mirror, though, to complete the Hollywood glamour look.

White Headboard You’ll also want to get a white headboard to set off the look. You can find them in just about any color, so feel free to mix and match. A big, ornate mirror is always great, but don’t go too over the top with it. You don’t want to look like a super model from “Gone With The Wind”. A simple rectangular headboard will do just fine. Again, add a few more accessories to complete the look.

Must have Furniture in Hollywood Glamour Bedroom Style

Bedside Tables and Coffee Tables Sets of these pieces are another must-have. They give the appearance that the bedroom is bigger than it actually is. And since you are using this interior design style, you’ll have plenty of space. So why not use it to its maximum advantage?

End Tables and Nightstands You can’t have a “Glamour” room without these. Find a table with an elegant pedestal style base and choose one that matches the surrounding furniture. Some sets include a night stand as well. A white nightstand with black detail is incredibly classic. You may even choose to get a black one with white detail.

Lighting Hollywood Glamour bedrooms can get very dark. So if you don’t like the idea of having red velvet curtains, you’ll need some lighting. Try using a couple pendants on either side of the bed and in the center of the room. You can also throw a chandelier over there for a more glamorous look.


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