The Vintage Basement – The Ultimate Shopper’s Paradise

43 – The vintage basement is the ultimate shopper’s dream. It is situated on Brick Lane, half way between the East End Thrift Store and Blitz. The name “vintage” harkens to the era of the ’20s, when the basement offered everything that was available upstairs in PS10, but has since fallen into disrepair. Fortunately, the refurbished space is still full of wonderful treasures and can be enjoyed by all.

Make the Basement Retro Feel

If you want to experience stand-up comedy in a retro setting, the vintage basement might be just the ticket. New York-based twin brothers Nicky and Max Weinbach have produced several successful shows there, with notable comics including Sarah Silverman, Todd Glass, Brent Weinbach, Kate Berlant, and Fahim Anwar. They also curate the monthly show, which runs every Tuesday. The best part is that you can enjoy live comedy without paying for an expensive ticket.

A neo-retro look is a perfect backdrop for a vintage basement party. The venue’s walls and ceiling are painted in the same colour as the furniture, and it’s easy to coordinate your basement decor with the theme. If you want to bring a retro vibe to your basement, consider using Armstrong Asphalt Tile. The tiling is both practical and stylish. You can easily clean up any spilled water, while splashings can be dealt with quickly.

The tiling is a nice finishing touch. It’s easy to create a cozy vintage basement for a family party. The natural-finished wood and white feature strips are a stylish choice for a neo-retro theme. If you want to capture the gaiety of a French sidewalk cafe, you could consider a floor covering made from Armstrong Asphalt Tile. If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on tiling, go with a vinyl flooring instead.

Most Popular Basement Designs

For more entertainment, Vintage Basement hosts neo-retro stand-up shows every Wednesday night. Founded by Nicky and Max Weinbach, the neo-retro shows are very popular, and often feature popular comedians like Sarah Silverman, Todd Glass, Brent Weinbach, and Fahim Anwar. For many people, a neo-retro basement is the perfect place for a solitary hobby.

A neo-retro night of stand-up comedy is a fun night out with great local talent. The neo-retro style is akin to an homage to the ’60s, but it is also a tribute to the past. The twin brothers of the show, Max and Nicky Weinbach, are the brains behind the event, which has become a popular venue in Cambridge for stand-up.

A neo-retro night of stand-up comedy is a great place for a hobby workshop. Not only is it the perfect place to host your favorite comedy show, but it is also a great place to hold your favorite hobby. By adding a workbench, you can easily organize your lumber and hardware supplies. If you want to make things even more fun, you can add an additional shelf or two of shelves.

The Perfect Vintage Basement

The vintage basement is the perfect place to have a hobby workshop. Whether it’s a hobby of yours or a business, it can be a great place for your hobby. The space is ideal for a variety of activities. For instance, you can create a workbench that is a functional and organized area for your tools and materials. If you don’t have a workbench, you can also install a handy refreshment bar.

The basement is the perfect place to host a hobby workshop. If you’re a keen crafter, you can use the space to store your hobby equipment, or simply enjoy the company of other hobbyists. You can even use your basement for work, or to host a business meeting. You can use it for any leisure activity, from reading to playing video games. There’s no limit to what you can do in your vintage basement!

While a basement can be a great place to host a hobby workshop, it is not always a good place for a hobby. While it’s not a place for a hobby, it’s an excellent room for a home-based workshop. It’s also an ideal spot for a family business. In addition to having a business, a vintage basement can be used for a variety of leisure activities.


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