5 Extreme Sports that will Pump Our Adrenaline

extreme sports

Sport not only can make our body healthy but also can be our hobby. But, the sports like football, basketball, cycling, and etc are already mainstream. So, why do not you try these 5 extreme sports that we are going to tell you below? Doing the sports like that will pump our adrenaline and make our heart beating so fast even we can feel it just by watching it. So now, let us find out what are the extreme sports that we have shared here!



The first one that we are going to tell you is highlining. This extreme sport is really extreme. As you can see from the picture, we have to walk on a special rope that is used for this sport from one side to another. What makes this one so extreme is that we have to do it in a very high place such as on the mountain or cliff. But, for a beginner, we have to learn it first by trying the slacklining which is not as extreme as this one where the rope just tied up on trees.


sky diving

Next, if you are a really brave person, you may try a skydiving. Skydiving is done by jumping from a plane in more or less a thousand feet above the ground. We will fall freely before pulling out the parachute to land. Of course, our adrenaline will be pump up so badly because we are falling down from the height in a very high speed. But, if we are not a professional, we need a companion which is already professional.

Bungee Jumping

bungee jumping

Another extreme sport which is done from the height. Bungee Jumping is done by jumping from the height by using an elastic rope which will make us bouncing up and down. This sport usually is done on a high bridge or cliff. We do not have to worry while doing this extreme sport as it is safe because we are equipped with some safety tools.



Have you heard about parkour? We are sure that you have heard about that as it is one of the most popular extreme sports so far. This one can be categorized as an extreme sport because we have to do a lot of tense movements such as jumping from stairs, climbing walls, and much more. But, before we can do it, we need to train so hard first because it is not as easy as it seen.

Cliff Jumping

cliff jumping

The last is cliff jumping. This one seems not too challenging. But, we will know how extreme this sport is. Jumping from a cliff which has 5 until more than 10 meters height to the water is not easy to do. Not all people have the courage to jump from such a high place and we also need to make sure that we jump on the right way or it can harm ourselves at the end.


That is all 5 extreme sports that you should try if you are the kind of person who likes something which can pump up your adrenaline. So, if you have another opinion, you can share it with us in the comment box below.


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