Black Industrial Bedroom Design

95 – Are you searching for inspiration in choosing your industrial bedroom furniture? If so, you have certainly come to the right place. I have put together this small guide with tips to inspire you and get you started on the right track. What’s most important is to start with a clean slate and know exactly what you’re looking for. Once you know exactly what you’re after, it will make it much easier to choose from the vast selection that is out there.

Dictate The Type of Industrial Bedroom Furniture

So, let’s begin. Think about colour and style. The colours you have in your room will dictate the type of industrial bedroom furniture that you get. There are a multitude of colours to choose from ranging from classic black to bright red and everything in between. So if all of that was interesting to you, no need to fiddle around.


Have you thought about grey concrete floors? The grey concrete floors add a stark contrast to the industrial styled furniture. It fits well with the industrial theme and gives you a contrast that you don’t find in a lot of bedroom sets. Grey concrete floors can be a little bit more expensive than other options but again you can usually find some pretty cool deals online. I don’t recommend getting a cheap deal because they are usually inferior quality and can’t hold up as well to the rigors of industrial usage.

Another important aspect of industrial bedroom design is the ceiling. Yes, I’m talking about exposed brick walls. I know it may sound weird that these would be used in an industrial setting but I’m sure you’ll think differently after you see the results. Exposing brick walls gives the industrial bedroom an industrial feeling. There are a brushed steel ceiling, exposed metal frames on the walls and white vinyl flooring.

Exposing Brick Walls Industrial Bedroom

Now, for something more unique and modern I would suggest you go with a wood office desk and some vintage metal lighting. Go crazy and try to find the perfect combination. You can also add a modern trash can lid to that metal trash can. The industrial bedroom will just never be complete without a nice pair of jeans. A pair of designer jeans with a nice shirt and tie looks great in an industrial bedroom.

Of course this is all in no way an extensive list of industrial bedroom design ideas. It’s just a few of the ideas that I have come up with during my research. You can use this as a guideline when you’re thinking of industrial bedroom design.

You can really spruce up the industrial look by adding a pop of color. If you’re feeling creative try painting the walls a light color or if you have cabinets you can stain them a darker color. Use a different style of rug on each side of the bed to give it a unique look. If you have old industrial strength furniture in your industrial bedroom try and make it match. You can also paint or stain your furniture so it matches.

Complements Industrial Design Bedroom Lighting

Lighting is always important in an industrial bedroom. You may decide to use low level lighting so that you can work at night and you still have good light. High ceilings are another good feature to look for when you’re shopping for industrial bedroom furniture. Look for things like fluorescent lighting, recessed lighting, or even track lighting. All of these options will make your industrial bedroom style bedroom very appealing.

You don’t want to cut down the functionality of your industrial bedroom design too much so you shouldn’t have a ceiling height that is more than three feet. Having a ceiling height of four feet or less can make it hard for you to do certain things in your industrial bedroom design. You should keep your ceiling height at around six feet to eight feet to accommodate storage space underneath. The key here is to not make it look like there is nothing under the ceiling.

Black Metal Headboard Furniture Use

Another feature that would really add to the industrial bedroom style is a wood burning stove. Having a wood stove in your bedroom can be very inviting and make it feel more like a cabin. If you don’t like the idea of a wood stove then you might want to opt for a rustic industrial design fireplace instead. Make sure that the wood you’re using matches the rest of the furniture.


You can also have a black metal headboard in your industrial bedroom design. Most times people opt for a black metal headboard because it blends well with the black metal of the rest of the bedroom furniture. The last thing I would want is to have a nice looking room in my home but it has a painted white brick wall with a bunch of black metal appliances staring back at me.


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