How to Small Pink Kitchen Decor – Change the Look of Your Kitchen With These Simple Tips

51 – Small pink kitchens can be lovely. And they’re fun, too! But they do need a whole lot of love and attention, just like any other room in your house. You need to learn how to make it the very best it can be, without making it look cluttered or too busy.

Easy Ways to Decorate a Pink Kitchen

Most small pink kitchens are not a particularly big deal, because most of them are actually small. It’s hard for decorators to get the full effect of dark wood, deep mahogany or even a deep cherry red. But if you put a pretty pink vase on top of a dark cabinet, you can get an excellent impression of depth and color.

A vase of flowers of almost any size will do, as long as it has some hint of color. A small pink cabinet with an all over floral pattern is a beautiful addition. Use small stuffed birds and some other small creatures to fill the space. Soft wood flooring can add a touch of color without cluttering. This is a great way to create the illusion of more space, without using too much color.

Tips for Choosing the Right Color

One way to colorize a kitchen without being obvious is to use complimentary colors. For instance, you can add a touch of cream to a wall that has a pink countertop. If the wall color is white, then add a hint of beige or peach. It doesn’t have to be identical, but it should complement the existing furnishings and cabinetry.

You can always decide to use black cabinet doors, with a flushed marble or granite countertop. The countertop can be left in its natural state, with just a hint of blush. You can then finish the decor in a variety of colors. Soft shimmery rugs on the floor, a black and white tiled backsplash and then a single pink bowl on the counter top will create a countertop that has a deep, rich and warm tone to it. A black and white table set with coordinating chairs and a single red plant will complete the feel of a warm, comfortable kitchen.

Using Great Scented Candles

You can also make your small pink kitchen look more like a spa by adding candles, incense and decorative elements like fountains. A large scented candle on a small table will look charming. Candles are the perfect decorative element to complete the decorating scheme for your newly redecorated kitchen. You can use any color of candle to give your decor with the wow-factor.

You don’t have to stick to just soft colors and flowers to create a delightful and comforting tone for your new pink kitchen. If you would like a slightly warmer ambiance, then consider using dark wood floors in one or two rooms. Using dark wood flooring will add richness and warmth to the room that will really set off the warm tones of your color scheme. Dark hardwoods are also very durable, so this is a great way to create the tone of a true country home.

There are a few other things that you should consider if you want to successfully colorize your small kitchen. If you plan to use any type of natural wood, make sure that it matches the color palette that you have chosen. It is also important that the decorative items you choose match the style of your cabinets, such as the backsplash and your countertops. By following these simple suggestions, you can ensure that your kitchen will be decorated and furnished to make it a great place to cook and serve food.


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