Brilliant Idea to Make Industrial Library

49 – An industrial library is basically a huge collection of resources, books or electronic media which are easily available for immediate use and not only for display purposes. It is primarily responsible for housing the latest information so as to satisfy the various user’s demands on a day to day basis. Such a library has become an inevitable part of enterprises big and small, as its services are required at any stage of operations. Thus, it becomes imperative to maintain a well-stocked industrial library of all the required resources to keep the operations going.

Functions of the Industrial Library

It is an ideal place to collect user knowledge management strategies. Such a library has all the latest electronic books on topics related to all the departments of the organization. Electronic Readers such as Kindle and iPad make such reading convenient. Moreover, most industrial libraries also house desktop computers, laptops, hand held PCs and Smart Phones, which further adds to the convenience. The users can access any book, electronic text or article from any source at any time.

An active role is required by the industrial librarian. A good industrial library will always be ready to provide the latest information needs of the organization. In fact, it should be seen as the first line of support for the human resource department to ensure that the staffs are kept up to date with the latest advancements. All the relevant books and other printed resources should be stored in the library so that the users can access them easily from their desks. For this, the librarian will have to spend some amount of time browsing through the books, keeping track of the changes in the volumes of reference materials, attending conferences on relevant topics and more.

Characteristics of the Best Industrial Libraries

The industrial libraries will also have to ensure that the staffs are educated, groomed and made better employees. They should have the best working conditions. The librarians will have to arrange for the latest reading material in all the libraries. The IT departments will provide the computers, printers and scanners for the business. This will enable better interaction between the workers and the human resources departments.

The librarians will be of great help to the IT department in providing better job satisfaction to its employees. The IT professionals may not feel motivated if they have to wait for the books and other reading materials after a long day’s work. The IT librarians will keep the employees updated about the latest news, technical articles and other resources which they can use in their job. Thus, there is no loss of time or energy when the employees log in to the industrial libraries for their daily job satisfaction.

There are many advantages associated with industrial libraries for the human resource department. The first and the foremost advantage is that it provides work stations for all departments at the same time. These stations will include computers, printers, scanners, telephones etc. Thus, there is a reduction in the travel expenses and increased efficiency at work.

Advantages of Industrial Libraries

With the growing demand for the IT professionals, there has been a growing need for these professionals in the IT industry. Hence, the industrial libraries are being utilized by the several major industry players to make sure that they have skilled professionals to cater to their growing requirements. The employees in the industrial libraries will be available during the night and on holidays, to handle the queries of the customers. These services will also make the life of the IT professional easier. They will not have to spend time looking for relevant materials while going through the books in the libraries.

The industrial library will play an important role in the development of the knowledge economy. This will lead to the development of the knowledge economy through the easy access to the latest information needs of the workers. There will be no more need for the IT professionals to look for the resources in the libraries and the IT professionals will not have to leave their offices to look for the resources. With the industrial library, the IT professionals will be able to concentrate on the work assigned to them and will also have easy access to the information needed for the projects they are working on. Therefore, the industrial libraries are very useful in today’s information needs and will play a significant role in the growth of the knowledge economy.


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