Shabby Chic Bedroom Decoration Ideas for Small Bedrooms

28 – Some small shabby chic bedroom decorating ideas focus on using antiques to give a cozy, old-fashioned feel to the room. Others feature large pictures, vintage knick-knacks, vintage posters, vintage fabrics, and other period pieces. The vintage style can be mid-century contemporary with an antique feel, or a more eclectic blend of vintage and contemporary elements.

Shabby Chic Bedroom Decorating Ideas

Some small shabby chic bedroom decor ideas incorporate pictures of horses and barn animals, tiny farm animals, flowers, sunflowers, and butterflies. These decor ideas can add a romantic, country feeling to the bedroom and provide a fun, whimsical touch. Vintage clocks and lamps are also useful bedroom decor ideas that can lend a certain charm to any home.

Wall art is an important element of this decor style. Since this style is characterized by floral accents, it’s appropriate to include pictures of flora in floral designs such as roses, violets, and sunflowers. Lamps and candles shaped like these flowers can be included on the bed, dresser tops, or desks. Vintage or antique clocks and chandeliers are great accent pieces for the walls. They can add a romantic antique feel to the interior design as well as function as a functional accent piece.

Cozy Shabby Chic Bedroom Decoration

The shabby chic bedroom has an inviting and comfortable look. This type of decor allows you to relax and enjoy the comfort of your home. It’s easy to achieve this look simply by focusing on the details. Large wall mirrors with lace accents can help create the cozy, homey feel. This is also an excellent way to complete the vintage or antique look.

You don’t have to use only vintage or antique pieces to create this elegant, chic room decoration. Modern or contemporary furniture can be used to accent the room. This mix and match style are very inviting. You can try a modern vanity with a chic and distressed finish to lend a vintage flair to the room.

Small shabby chic bedroom interior design doesn’t have to be limited to using antiques and fakes. A mixture of different textures, fabrics, and colors is perfectly inspired to this type of decoration. You can use an eclectic blend of lace, brocade, and distressed finishes to create a unique feel. Accent pieces can include old photos or prints of family and friends, old fabric covered chests, vintage jewelry boxes, or even paintings with unusual shapes.

Shabby Chic Vintage Headboard

The Shabby Chic headboard is another detail that you can add to this vintage inspired look. This distressed, chenille, or distressed finish will create a unique accent piece. If you are looking for a more subtle touch, then you can simply choose a headboard that features an over-sized pewter globe. Other small shabby chic bedroom decorating accessories include an eyelet row of buttons or a lace trim accent. Just remember that this style is not to overpower the room; it is supposed to gently add an airy, casual vibe to the room.

For more playful and feminine Small shabby chic bedroom decorating ideas, try incorporating bright and cheerful floral bedding. This timeless bedroom style makes a great backdrop for your feminine decor. Try looking for a soft floral print, either on solid pink accent pillows or in stripes of bright pink. Your small bedroom can become a girl’s haven with the right choice in floral bedding.

Creating a Feminine Bedroom Look

For those with more traditional tastes, a more feminine, yet chic bedroom could be created with pastel hues, especially when you use green accent decoration. Pastel shades of pink complement the shabby chic look very well. Try looking for solid pastel hues; they make a great color choice because they are versatile, easy to match, and always in style. Look for an oversized comforter in a coordinating shade; it can serve as a green accent decoration in your small shabby chic bedroom design.

The last suggestion for small shabby chic bedroom design ideas is to use linen bedding. Linen bedding is quite timeless, so it also works well in small bedrooms. Look for floral, solid, or plaid linen bedding in a neutral, distressed finish to bring a feminine, chic vibe to your small bedroom design. Linen bedding also looks great with Victorian decor; choose a flannel, brocade, or chenille bed skirt for a Victorian-inspired look. A floral ruffle bedspread is another option; it also goes well in small rooms because it looks elegant and feminine. Look for a linen bed skirt that matches your shabby chic bedroom furniture; it can be accented by delicate floral lace.

Decorating a small bedroom can be challenging, but it can be done! Try using the ideas above to give your room a small but chic vibe. Add your own touches by buying vintage furniture or using shabby chic wall art. Remember to stay vintage and unique; stay away from trendy decor and modern furniture. If you think your room needs more color, try to spruce it up with some bright floral prints or a bright rug. You’ll be surprised by how much room a small bedroom can actually have!


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