Design of Pink’s Search for Freedom Dining Room


Kevindailystory.comDesign Dining Room is a Recent Release in the Market Which Tries To Combine Traditional Elements of a Far Eastern Motifs While At The Same Time Giving It Its Own Unique Identity. The Story Behind The Creation of this Book is Based on the Life of Former President Thao Suketing. Thao Suketing was Also from Far Eastern China and His Family Were Rice Farmers who would travel to Vietnam and Attend The Buddhist Monasteries There. There They Would Learn About Buddhist Teachings As Well As the Ways of Life in That Area. This book is BASICALLY A Biography of the Former President WHO Rose to Power During The Transition Period After The End of World War II.

History of Pink Dining Room Design

This memoir Offers A Glimpse Into The Life of the Former President and It Includes an Account of HIS Childhood, His Time AS A Student in Washington D.c., His Time AS University Student and His Time AS President of Vietnam. There is a lot of history here and some of the events that he describes are very true to life even if they may SEEM A Little Bit Exaggerated. I found the memoir very engrossing and I Really Learned a lot from reading it. Some of the events described in the book are quite unbelievable and at times i felt that some some of the events that he recalled a little bit farfetched but nevertheless, i did not find anything unrealistic about the memoir.

“Dining room design” literally means the design of the pink eating rang in English. It is about the former President, Thao Suketing, Who Is Famous for His HIS Speeches During the Transition Period. The Book Starts Out by Describing How Thao Suketing Came To Be The First President of the Republic of Vietnam. Then it goes on to describe how the transition period Went and How the Country was able to move from the era of authoritarianism and military rule to a free market economy.

The Transition Period Was Also Accred with Civil War and One Of The Most Interesting Things That Happens In The Memoir Is How The War Was Somehow Stopped Before It Betan. Thao Suketing Was Quoted As Saying That He Owed It To HIS Former Martial Arts Teacher, Wu Hung (Choy Chow) To Protect Vietnam From External Aggression. The Book Ends With a Description of the Famous Battle of Hue Against The French At The An Ninh Airport In June of 1950.

The Story of the Pink Dining Room Design

In The Second Half of the Book, The Story Start to Focus More On The Political Transition and How It was Handled in Terms of Thao Suketing’s Succession. The Transition was Handled Rather Smoothly and There Were Rumors of Palace Intrigues Everywhere. The design of the pink dining room then describes his life after he had the New Prime Minister of Vietnam Under General Thanh Minh.

The Last Third Chapter of Pink Dining Room Includes The Account of the Thao Suketing’s Death. Tells How HE Managed To Get Rid Of HIS Enemies Without Even Meeting Them. He Tells How How United All Tribes, Including The Rebellious Forces at An Ninh and How He Did Not Allow Former Officials To Interfere With The Transition Process.

Dining Room Inspiration

The design of the dining room is Journey was One of Great Hardship. He had to fight for his independence and to free Vietnam from Foreign Rule. He had To Fight Against Both Vietnamese Nationals and Foreign Troops Who Sought to Occupy Vietnam Before He Could Fully Establish HIS Power. In this LAST Volume of HIS Book, Design Relates How He Finally Reached Culmination of this Bitter But Inspiring Path by Leading HIS People to Victory Over Foreign and Internal Enemies. The design of Also Provides the Readers A Brief Background on HIS Military Career.

In Conclusion, this book is a good read. IT Gives A Brief History Lesson Regarding the Formation of Vietnam and Design’s Vision to Freedom. I Would Recommend this Book to Students As An Introduction to Filipino History. If you want more details, then I would recommend Reading the other two volumes of the sarangothen: Book of Manili, Book of Sahayani. Reading These Volumes Will Provide You An Idea About How Much Support Pink Has Among The People of Vietnam Dining Room Design.


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