Creating a Perfect Pink Playroom for Your Baby

19 – The Pink Playroom Wall is an upcoming wallpaper item in Animal Crossing: New Horizons for the Nintendo 3DS. It is part of a pre-launch promotion and will only be available in some stores in Japan at the moment, for now it is only available in New York. It’s basically a scaled-down version of the much more prominent and striking Newscastle wall which can be found in the game’s early stages. It replaces the current wallpaper, which is the usual grayish pink or blue.

Pink Play Kitchen Ideas Become More Feminine

Unlike the rest of the available playrooms in Animal Crossing: New Horizons, this one has two themes instead of the usual three. The first theme is “Lilac” and features characters from the anime series. For example, there’s a girl who wears a pink dress and a lilac headband. There’s also a boy who wears a neat white shirt and a red tie. This implies that the two girls and the boy could be a playmate, which makes the whole idea of the pink play kitchen all the more girly.

The second theme is “Suki”, which depicts a girl with a cute, small puppy doll. This girl has a dream of being a veterinarian, and the puppy doll dreams of being a kitten. It’s possible that if the child wishes to be a chef, they will have to undertake a lot of tasks related to cooking. If you recall, the pink kitchen that appears in Animal Crossing has several tools, utensils and a stove.

Changing the Color of a Good Play Kitchen

To buy these two themes, you’ll need to visit a pink playroom display. The only way to obtain them in the Nintendo eShop is to download them from the eShop. Each theme comes with its own character and hairstyle. When you have a child with an Animal Crossing account, they will be able to access the pink play kitchen by asking their mom or dad to login to the eShop, then choose the ‘pink kitchen’ in the menu. Once you have purchased the pink play kitchen, your child will be able to change the color of the play kitchen every year with the money earned at the Animal Crossing Daily tasks.

The third theme is “Prices & Pets”, which depicts a pink Priscilla. Her pet is a giraffe, and her phone is shaped like a giraffe. Your child will enjoy playing this game, since it has pink furniture, a pink phone and a clock that depict a giraffe.

Complementary Furniture Like Pink Lamp

The fourth theme is “My Home Boutique”, which depicts a pink Vivi lamp. The lamp is made out of pink material, and it looks just like the real thing. Your child will enjoy the pink phone, which has a pink button for selecting which she wants to talk to. There’s also a dresser for putting the clothing she wears in.

The fifth and last is the “Honeycomb”, which is themed after the nursery rhyme “Honey, I’m Honey”. Your little girl will have a pink phone like the one that goes “Honey, I’m loving you” when pressed. A dresser is installed for placing the clothes she wears for the day. And finally, she has a hamper that contains clothes for the day’s events.

The pink baby’s bedroom comes in different designs, colors and themes, so your daughter can certainly find something to love. Just make sure that they are safe, comfortable and of good quality. There’s nothing worse than your kid getting hurt while playing in the pink room. After all, she is only six months old, and anything can happen. Get everything in the pink room for peace of mind.


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