Creating Your Own Elegant Bedroom

20 – Eclectic bedroom design is about finding that sweet spot between what you like in your bedroom and what your entire house or decorating project really needs. If your room is a mess, it’s not your fault. It could be because you haven’t put a lot of thought into the decorating plan, or it could simply be that you have a room that doesn’t work for you. Either way, there are some simple ways to improve your eclectic bedroom design. Here are five suggestions for improving your eclectic bedroom.

Tips to Make an Eclectic Bedroom Look Beautiful

Rugs are a great way to add color and texture to your eclectic bedroom. Rugs aren’t just for bed anymore! There are rugs that are made for your floor, your furniture, accent pillows, decorative throws, and just about anything else you can think of. Some great ways to incorporate rugs into your eclectic bedroom design include using them on the floor and your furniture, under lamps and chairs, in small rooms, and over the mantelpiece.

Another way to add color and interest to an eclectic bedroom is to use contrasting colors and patterns. By playing with opposing colors and patterns, you can create a warm and a cool vibe. Think of the things that stress you out in your life and the colors and textures that calm you down. Maybe your bedroom is full of blue tones, but you hate having guests in because it makes you cranky. You could bring in a bright orange bedside table to offset the blues, or contrast sage greens against the walls to create a Zen vibe.

Rug Color Selection for Bedroom Decoration

For those who love bright, bold colors, a light gray rug is a great way to brighten up your eclectic bedroom. Gray tends to be neutral, so it works well with most decors. Try pairing a deep forest green rug with a bedhead pillow and a beautiful chandelier or ceiling fixture, or go with a sea-foil blue rugs against white bedding.

If you love classic and contemporary colors like cream, beige, chocolate brown and denim, then you are in for a treat when choosing the colors of your upholstered bed. Choose solid colors for your headboard and the walls, or go for a cheery floral print if you want to keep it more modern. Upholstered pieces in these neutral colors look especially good when they are accentuated by an upholstered bed skirt and throw pillows in coordinating colors. This way, you get a modern look without sacrificing comfort.

Eclectic Bedroom Wallpaper Use Ideas

When decorating your eclectic bedroom, remember that light is your friend. Go with natural wood flooring or ceramic tile instead of vinyl. A light colored wallpaper border is also a nice touch for an eclectic bedroom. Look for photographs of barns or seasides and frame them on felt or wood panels. Other wall decor that goes along with country-themed bedding are Native American wall tapestries and rustic wooden candle holders.

You don’t have to buy all new furniture for your eclectic bedroom. Just adding a few accent chairs, a rocking chair or a bean bag can change the look of the room. Or add a contemporary rug to the middle of the room instead of a traditional one. The most important aspect of your eclectic bedroom is that you relax and enjoy spending time in it. Mix and match different styles of furniture and accent colors until you find what works for you.

An eclectic bedroom design gives you many options to create a cozy, harmonious space that’s perfect for your family, roommates or even your pets! Be creative with your color palette and textures to create a space that’s uniquely yours. Add a colorful throw pillow for extra warmth, and accent pillows in neutral colors like cream, beige and gray to pull the room together. And remember that an eclectic bedroom isn’t really eclectic at all – it’s all about having fun!


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