The Advantages And The Disadvantages Of Television That You Should Know

the advantages and the disadvantages of television

Television is one of the most important technology in human’s life. We can say that it is one of the best creation that ever made by the human. This technology is unlike the radio which can only generate sound. This one can generate both the sound and picture. And as we know that it has been improving all the time, each year, each month, and each day. From the black and white until it has a colorful image, people still love to watch the TV. But, do you know what are the advantages and the disadvantages of television? Then, you have come to right place because today, I will discuss it. Now, let’s check it out below here.

The Advantages And The Disadvantages Of Television

The Benefits Of Watching Television

The Source Of News

Television is one of the ways for us to get the fresh information/news that captured from all over the world. The latest event that happens through the day can be obtained just by watching the TV.

As An Entertainment
Besides its function to get some information, television also serves some entertainment such as music show, sports, film, and etc. It is a great source of entertainment because we can find lots of entertaining shows.
Can Enrich Our Knowledge

TV is one of the sources that can enrich our knowledge. Why? Because sometimes it serves educational shows which can educate people. For example, the sesame street show that teaches so many things for the kids, and National Geographic which tells us the life of wild animals out there. We can learn so many things from the TV.

The Negative Effects Of Watching Television

Our Eyes Get Tired More Easily

Besides of the benefits that the TV offer to us, there is also some disadvantages that we will get from it, like this one. Do you ever feel that sometimes your eyes are tired while watching the TV? Yeah, it is because of the effect of watching television for too long. As we know, sometimes we often watch it for hours without realizing it and as the result, our eyes will getting tired. And then, it can also damage our eyes.

Often Serves Some Negative Things

The other negative effect of television is it can ruin the young people’s mind. As we can see, sometimes there is an impression which serves violent scenes. For example, when the young people watch a film which serves so many violent scenes, they often follow/copy what they are doing in the film. Then, they will act like they are a whiz.

Forget The Time To Sleep

People will forget their time to sleep easily while they are watching the television. Sometimes when we or other people ask them to sleep, they will say, just more minutes until the show is finished or I don’t want to miss this show because it is my favorite one. This negative effect often found especially on the kids. They have thousand of reasons so they can stay up late to watch the TV.

As a conclusion, television is really good and helpful where we can get some information, entertainment, education and much more. But, it all depends on how we used it. If we use it too much, it will give us not only the positive effects but also the negative effects.

Then, it is the end of my article about the advantages and the disadvantages of television. Thank you for reading and don’t forget to give your comment. So, see you next time, guys.


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