Fairytale Themed Wedding Cake | A Good Wedding Cake Theme for a Fairytale Lovers

fairytale themed wedding cake

Hi, what’s up, guys? Welcome back again to my website. Today, I’m gonna share you about the beautiful wedding cake that you can use as a reference for your wedding plan. As we know, the cake is one of the most important elements in celebrating our wedding party. It is a symbol to unite the two lovebirds. And in this article, you will see some of the fairytale themed wedding cake.

Fairytale Themed Wedding Cake | Which One Do You Like?

Gold Glam Wedding Cake Theme for Fairytale Concept

In this fairytale wedding cake concept, you will see the cake with a glamor look. The cake uses a dominant white color and garnished with the gold topping and decorations. The color makes this cake looks so elegant and glamor. And it will also bring the impression of expensive.  If you are the kind of person who loves a fairytale concept with a glamorous impression, you should consider this one. You can choose the design and the use of color as you like such as at the example pictures above. This cake idea is really good looking and it will make your wedding party looks greater.

Romantic Pink Wedding Cake Ideas with Floral Topping

The next fairytale theme cake is using the pink color with a background of white or cream color from the whipped cream. Then, it is combined with a beautiful floral topping which makes this cake looks so elegant. Mostly, the pink color is used for the decorations like the flower and the background is dominated by the white or cream color. This pink concept cake idea suits you who like the fairytale theme with a pink color. This cake is really beautiful because the use of soft color and decoration for this cake are really wonderful.

Fairytale Cake Ideas with Blue Theme

For the last, it looks so blue because this cake is using the blue theme. This wedding cake fairytale idea is dominated with the blue color from the bottom until the top of the cake. The color used in this theme is similar to the color in the Frozen movie. So, if you choose this cake idea, you will feel like you are in the atmosphere of Frozen movie. This cake usually used the blue color as the main theme, but you can also use the blue color just in the decorations like the flower. So, the background can be colored with a white or the other bright and soft color. As you can see from the picture above, you can also add some leaf decoration with a green color to make the cake looks more beautiful.

So, from the three of the fairytale themed wedding cake above, which one do you prefer? For me, they all look so great and beautiful so I cannot choose one of them. So, I hope this article can be a reference for you in deciding your wedding cake. Hopefully, you will have a very happy wedding day. And, if you need more information for your wedding cake, you can visit this Roowedding website.


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