How to Plan a Scandinavian Kitchen Design

146 – A Scandinavian kitchen translates literally to ‘land of a scintillating view.’ This is probably not a very accurate description since the truth is that there are a lot of Scandinavian countries but most of them are not located on the coast. Instead, the term ‘Scandinavian kitchen’ is used to describe the style of the country’s kitchens. Since the latter is more localized than the former, it also means that the styles found there are usually reflective of its location. Here is a short guide to the different styles found in Scandinavian kitchens.

The Best Examples of Scandinavian Kitchens

The best example of a Scandinavian kitchen is the one you can find in the country of Denmark. Danish cuisine is among the most famed in the world and this is partly due to the welcoming culture they have for visitors. If you want a home where you can feel at home, then this is a great example of a Scandinavian kitchen. Denmark has always boasted about its independence and its commitment to its environment, so you will be able to taste the real flavor of the Scandinavian way of life. In this new kitchen, you will be able to smell the fresh air, see the blue sky and feel the warmth of the sun that beats down on the ocean.

A Scandinavian kitchen design follows a few basic guidelines. One is the use of natural light in a big way and this principle is at work in this type of kitchen design. Another is the use of natural materials that help achieve a cozy appeal. This is also reflected in the furniture design and the colors used. Nordic decor focuses on bold, dark colors that are almost black or metallic in appearance but these tones are paired with a soft sensuality that helps to create a cozy atmosphere.

Get a Sleek Scandinavian Style

To achieve the sleek look of the Scandinavian style, you will need to opt for sleek and modern countertops. Granite tops and stainless steel appliances will provide the finishing touches to the sleek and modern look. While natural stone countertops have a more old-fashioned look, contemporary materials like granite can give a very chic, sophisticated look to any kitchen design.

The final item in your Scandinavian kitchen design will be the overall look and feel of the room. You will want to create an airy kitchen space where the sunlight can shine through to brighten up the space. To accomplish this goal, you will need to install lots of windows. Some kitchen designers suggest using real logs as the inserts to these windows. Whatever you choose, make sure it blends well with the rest of the decor.

Scandinavian kitchens are oftentimes equipped with open shelving. This provides you with a great way to store various items that are used frequently in the kitchen. If you live in a small home or apartment, however, open shelving is not always an option. A great way to get around this issue is to install wooden shelves on the walls or on cabinets as part of your Scandinavian kitchen design.

Use of Wood in Scandinavian Kitchens

Wood is perhaps one of the most popular materials to use in Scandinavian kitchens. For kitchens that are painted a neutral color, a wood tone is often selected. Dark or light wood tones are available in a wide variety of stains, so you are sure to find something that will match your decor beautifully. Finishing touches like stone tiles can help to complete the look you are going for.

As mentioned at the beginning of this article, it’s important to choose a colour palette when planning your Scandinavian kitchen design so you are sure to stay within the guidelines established by design professionals. Using colour can be a tricky process because you want to use colours that will enhance the space you have to work with, but colours that clash with each other can ruin your design. When choosing your colour palette, take into consideration the colour palette to your friends and family have used and consider what they might like in your kitchen too.


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