Queensland Style Home Design Options


Kevindailystory.com – The architectural style of a Queensland home is a distinctive characteristic of Australia’s subtropical climate. These houses have many architectural features and are often based on Victorian and colonial styles. The architecture of these homes has evolved over time to incorporate modern features while still retaining some elements of previous styles. The interiors of a Queensland home are typically large and open, and they incorporate many different architectural features.

Considering a Home Built in Queensland Style

The construction of a Queensland home is typically single-level and uses materials like metal, brick veneer, and timber frames. A home built in this style is highly durable and can be easily moved to another location if necessary. It is also commonly sold as a complete land and home package. If you are looking for a unique design, consider the following features.

Sandstone colonials are a great choice for the Australian climate. These homes combine heritage design elements with new-age fittings and materials. Hamilton, Burdekin, and Diamantina are some examples of this style. You can also browse the full range of Sandstone homes. Troy and Emma wanted a Hamptons-inspired Queenslander, but they also wanted an interior design that would cater to their busy lifestyle and their growing family.

Changing the Original Design to be Eco-Friendly

Traditionally, the Queenslander is a single-story dwelling with a corrugated iron roof. The earliest Queenslander homes were constructed by British migrants, and they sought to create buildings that would provide relief from the hot sun and heavy rain. As a result, the designs of these homes began to evolve over time.

Today, many homeowners opt for these styles of homes for their own homes. The Queenslander design is the basis for many home designs in Australia. Today, you can alter the original design to make it eco-friendly and more contemporary.

Queenslander Kit House Style

Whether you live in a suburb, in the hinterlands of the Sunshine Coast, or on the shores of Stradbroke Island, this style is sure to fit your lifestyle. These homes are easy to live in and a great place for entertaining. It’s easy to see why Australians love the Queenslander style of kit homes.

The Somerset home features five bedrooms, dual living areas, a corner pantry, and a stunning rotunda. It can be built on contoured blocks as well as flat. This two-story modern Queenslander has stunning views from all angles. It also features a wraparound verandah, ideal for the morning sun.


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