Victorian Style Foyer Ideas (Vintage Mid-Census Decorating)

90 – When choosing wall decors, the first thing to consider is what period is most desired by the person. Depending on the taste and preferences of the homeowner, he may choose to decorate with Victorian or Mid-Century Modern wall art and furniture, respectively. If your taste is in an earlier era, you can decorate with Mid-Century Modern furnishings and antique Victorian wallpaper and rugs. In either case, the goal is to bring the desired elements together to create a beautiful, classic, and stylish study area.

Mid Century Modern Study Room Wall Decoration

One of the most popular wall decors in a mid-century modern study room is vintage wallpaper. Vintage wallpaper comes in many colors and patterns and provides a unique look that will never go out of style. As with any other type of home decor, though, there are some precautions that must be taken when using vintage wallpaper.

Be sure to properly prepare your classroom for wallpaper. Remove all preexisting wallpaper and arrange all items according to where they will be installed. Do not forget to prepare the classroom floor as well. Use plastic sheeting to protect classroom surfaces from oil, dust, and water. Use home decorating ideas (dining room ideas (photos) – home st Stratosphere) – the study of Art Nouveau – and home decorating ideas (wallpaper, rugs, paintings) – the study of Modernism to learn how to successfully incorporate wall coverings in your classroom.

Matching Colors With Wallpaper Style

Your mid-century modern study space is not complete without at least one vintage Victorian wall decor piece. This kind of decoration is often associated with the Romanticist movement that occurred during the First World War. A popular choice is a reproduction of a beautiful watercolor painting. A reproduction works great in a classroom because it is a conversation piece. In addition to being unique and personal, it allows students to discuss the different elements of the painting through discussion boards or as simple handouts.

If you choose to use Victorian wallpaper or other historic styles, be sure to coordinate with the colors in your room with the colors found in your wallpaper. Bright wall colors can be incorporated into your modern classroom in the same way that they can be incorporated into your mid-century modern style foyer. Remember that the brighter your wall colors are the easier they will be noticed.

Mid Century Modern Decorating Tips

When planning your mid-century modern decor, think about the period when this type of wall covering was first introduced to the American market. During the 1890s, many homes had large expanses of white plaster decorated with ornate floral patterns. These beautiful floral designs were often coupled with damask or silk shag rugs. The beauty of the early Victorian living rooms can still be seen today in beautifully crafted rugs featuring floral designs trimmed with gold leaf. The damask used in this decor is also reminiscent of the time period and many rugs are crafted to resemble the rugs from this era.

Mid-century modern living room ideas (Photos – home stratosphere) If you would like to bring the beauty of the Victorian era into your home but do not want to use items found in the era, there are other mid-century modern home decor ideas that are much easier to find online. Many mid-century modern decorating ideas incorporate unique wall coverings that would fit better in a dark-colored room. Many people like to add Victorian wall decor but are afraid of ruining the beauty of the white painted walls by using too much damask or lace. Using one or two well matched wall color schemes is enough to create a warm and inviting room decorating scheme. Remember to take a look at photos of the original Victorian decor in the internet so that you will have a better idea of how to decorate your own home.


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